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Okay, today’s topic is:
The 3 Powerful Language Learning Lessons You'll Pick Up at the Gym
And today, you’re going to learn:
One: How to approach your goals
Two: How to find time to learn a language.
And three: Why you don’t need the best possible routine or learning program.
So, if you’ve ever spent time in the gym, you’ll quickly see how similar training and language learning are.
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The 3 Powerful Language Learning Lessons You'll Pick Up at the Gym.
The first lesson is...
“How to approach your goals and language learning.”
So, why are we talking about the Gym? The Gym is a great example because it’s filled with people working on their goals. And it gives you a snapshot of where most people are with their goals.
And everyone there has one goal - to be fit.
But not everyone is there yet. You have a few people that look like fitness models.
Then you have around 20 or 30 people that have good, respectable physiques — the middle group.
And then, the rest of the people are still.... working their way up.
It’s motivating because everyone has a chance of succeeding. If you’ve been to the Gym, you understand the importance of repetitions — reps. A rep is the number of times you do a certain exercise.
Like 15 pushups is 15 reps of pushups.
So, even those still working toward their goals have a chance of succeeding… if they put in the reps.
If they do a little bit a day, over a long period of time, they’ll get there.
The process is simple. The more you do, the longer you stick with it, the more progress you make.
And the same goes with learning language or any goal in life. It’s about putting in the reps a little bit a day, consistently, for a long period of time.
If you want to get bigger muscles, you pick up a dumbbell, and you do reps.
If you want to learn more words, you do the reps. Five new words a day.
Now, what can you do right now? For example… if you’re using our program, just do 1 lesson a day. If you have a textbook, do 1 page a day. If you’re using an app, put in 5 minutes a day.
Again, everyone has a chance to succeed, they just need to put in the reps, and they need to make the time. This is where the second lesson comes in.
You learn… how to find and make time to learn a language.
There’s a reason the people you see at the Gym daily (and especially the people you see at 10 PM on a Friday) are the ones with above-average results. They’re the most consistent.
But how do they get that level of consistency?
There tend to be three types of people:
First: The people that have plenty of free time, so it’s a non-issue for them.
Second: The busier people; they make time regardless of what their schedule is like. Meaning, they show up at 1 AM just to fit in a session, or they cancel other plans to make time. And Third: The people running on autopilot. They’re so in the habit of going that they don’t have to think about it.
Ideally, you want to be in the third group with language learning — the autopilot group.
But most people fall into the 2nd group. The truth is that to make time, they have to cancel other plans.
Some wake up earlier to squeeze in a session in the AM. Some go late at night. It’s the same exact thing with language learning. You make time.
The good news with language learning is, you don’t need to open up a lesson at 1 AM and put in an hour.
With our learning program, you get our quick but powerful 3-15 minute audio and video lessons. And because the lessons are quick, you can easily MAKE time. You can do a lesson on your commute or while walking somewhere. Imagine learning a quick conversation while on your walk to the store.
Finally, the 3rd language learning lesson you’ll learn at the Gym is...
Why You Don’t Need the Best Possible Routine to Get Results.
Have you ever heard a friend say, “I have to start the right way. It has to be perfect.”
Well, this is a disastrous way to start anything - whether fitness or language learning.
And most learners spend a lot of time worrying about starting right, instead of just starting and keeping at it.
But the point is, if you start learning from a textbook and stick with it. You will get results. You’ll improve your reading, vocabulary, and grammar. Of course, it won’t get you speaking. You only get good at what you focus on, but the fact is, you still make progress.
Same with the Gym, if you start off with bicep curls, you’ll see progress in time. But at some point, you’ll need to add in legs as well. You can’t skip leg day.
So here’s what you can learn. Here’s what smart beginners do. They don’t look for the best way to start. They just start and keep going.
And once they have a consistent routine, they start optimizing. They improve their routine.
If you start taking 1 lesson a day... and can easily maintain that routine, then, you might eventually realize that you want to practice speaking. You need to shadow that lesson’s conversation.
So, you add shadowing to your routine. And that’s how you grow.
Same thing with the Gym. The smart beginners make sure they do their reps and come in as much as possible.
And doing the basics is enough for them to build muscle.
And later on, they start adjusting their exercises and adding new ones.
But, you will NEVER get to that point if you overthink yourself into inaction and don’t build that habit.
So as long as you start AND continue, most starting routines and learning methods are good enough.
You don’t need the best possible one right now.
You could have the best possible language learning program, but if you don’t consistently use it, it’s useless.
Alright, so today, you learned:
One: How to approach your goals
Two: How to find time to learn a language.
And three: Why you don’t need the best possible routine or learning program.
So, thank you for watching this episode of Monthly Review
Next time, we’ll talk about:
How to Start Conversations: Talking Points for Language Learners
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