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Lesson Transcript

Mihyeon: 안녕하세요. 미현입니다.
Junsu: Hi everyone. I am Junsu.
Hyunwoo: 안녕하세요. 현우입니다. I feel It’s A Bit Too Pricey! 준수씨, are you the type of person who was not sure of things and says, kind of a lot?
Junsu: Yeah I am always wondering which one to choose among alternatives especially when I meet my friends and we don’t know where to go.
Hyunwoo: 아...미현씨는요?
Mihyeon: 저도 그런 감이 좀 있어요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah I am sure everybody uses that phrase like kind of or it seems to be or I feel no matter what language they speak. So today, we are going to learn how to say I feel it is, it is kind of or it seems to be in Korean with a particular focus on I feel. So 준수씨, 오늘의 대화는 어떤 내용이에요?
Junsu: Well today we have a continued dialogue from the Lower Intermediate 16. Hyeyoung and Jihun two friends are still eating in the restaurant and they are talking to each other in 반말 about the restaurant. Let’s find out what happens.
(1)혜영: 야, 근데 여기 좀 비싸지 않아?
(2)지훈: 응. 비싼 감이 있지만 서비스가 좋잖아.
(3)혜영: 야. 서비스가 밥 먹여 주냐?
(4)지훈: 왜 그래! 그냥 맛있게 먹자.
(5)혜영: 그래. 근데 맛있기는 맛있다.
(6)지훈: 그렇지? 비싼 감이 있어도 나는 여기가 좋아.
(7)혜영: 그래, 그럼 자주 오자!
(8)지훈: 진짜?
(9)혜영: 응. 많이 먹어.
(10)지훈: 아, 근데 너 왜 이렇게 늦게 왔어? 진짜 배고파서 죽을 뻔 했어.
Seol: 영어로 한 번 더.
(1)혜영: 야, 근데 여기 좀 비싸지 않아?
(1)Hyeyoung: Hey, but isn't this place kind of expensive?
(2)지훈: 응. 비싼 감이 있지만 서비스가 좋잖아.
(2)Jihun: Yeah, it seems like it, but the service is good.
(3)혜영: 야. 서비스가 밥 먹여 주냐?
(3)Hyeyoung: Hey, service isn't everything you know.
(4)지훈: 왜 그래! 그냥 맛있게 먹자.
(4)Jihun: What's the matter! Let's just enjoy the food.
(5)혜영: 그래. 근데 맛있기는 맛있다.
(5)Hyeyoung: Okay. The food really is good.
(6)지훈: 그렇지? 비싼 감이 있어도 나는 여기가 좋아.
(6)Jihun: Isn't it? Even though it seems to be expensive, I like this place.
(7)혜영: 그래, 그럼 자주 오자!
(7)Hyeyoung: Okay, then let's come here more often!
(8)지훈: 진짜?
(8)Jihun: Really?
(9)혜영: 응. 많이 먹어.
(9)Hyeyoung: Yeah, eat lots.
(10)지훈: 아, 근데 너 왜 이렇게 늦게 왔어? 진짜 배고파서 죽을 뻔 했어.
(10)Jihun: By the way, why were you so late? I nearly starved to death.
Hyunwoo: 미현씨, when you choose a place to eat at, what is more important to you 맛이 더 중요해요 가격이 더 중요해요 or something else?
Mihyeon: 저는 맛이 더 중요해요.
Hyunwoo: So the taste is more important.
Mihyeon: 네.
Hyunwoo: 준수씨는 어때요? 왠지 준수씨한테는 가격이 더 중요할 것 같은데.
Junsu: Hey what makes you think so? Do I look like I don’t care about the taste of the food or the atmosphere of the restaurant?
Hyunwoo: 아니요. 학생이니까. Since you are a student, 학생 때는 돈이 없잖아요.
Junsu: Well actually when I have to pay, price is the most important. That’s why I always eat with my 선배들. They have to buy me food.
Hyunwoo: Well as someone who happens to be one of your 선배s. I feel very responsible. So before I have to feel any more pressure, let’s go to the vocab.
Hyunwoo: 첫 번째 단어는 뭐예요, 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 자주
Hyunwoo: 자주
Junsu: Frequently, often.
Mihyeon: 자주 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 자주 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Yeah and it’s very often repeated and used as 자주 자주 too. 미현씨, how do you say please come often?
Mihyeon: 자주 오세요.
Hyunwoo: And there is someone you often bump into in the neighborhood and you want to say, oh I meet you often.
Mihyeon: 자주 만나네요.
Hyunwoo: Okay. 다음 단어로 가 볼까요? 그 다음 단어는 뭐예요?
Mihyeon: 근데
Hyunwoo: 근데
Junsu: But, by the way
Mihyeon: 근데 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 근데 [natural native speed]
Junsu: 근데 comes from 그런데 and it’s often used in the shorter form 근데.
Hyunwoo: Yes you can use it to mean but, however or to start a conversation by saying by the way. For example, if you want to say, hey by the way, did you see the news 미현씨, 어떻게 말해요?
Mihyeon: 야, 근데 뉴스 봤어?
Hyunwoo: Okay 준수씨 can you give us another example using 근데?
Junsu: 야 근데 배고프지 않냐?
Hyunwoo: So it means hey, by the way, aren’t you hungry? Okay next.
Mihyeon: 먹이다
Hyunwoo: 먹이다
Junsu: To feed.
Mihyeon: 먹이다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 먹이다 [natural native speed]
Junsu: The word 먹이다 comes from 먹다.
Hyunwoo: Yes so 먹다 becomes 먹이다 by adding 이 and 먹이다 is to feed and if you add 히 instead of 이 and say 먹히다, what does that mean?
Junsu: That means to be eaten.
Hyunwoo: So you have to be very careful whether you say 먹이다 or 먹히다. Right? 먹였어요 먹혔어요. So you don’t want to say I was eaten by a baby when you want to say, I fed the baby but here in the dialogue, there is a very interesting phrase. Junsu, can you guess what I am talking about?
Junsu: Yeah Hyeyoung said 야, 서비스가 밥 먹여 주냐?
Hyunwoo: Yeah what does that mean?
Junsu: Well this literally means does good service feed you rice but as you know, in Korea, having meals is equal to saying I ate rice and of course, eating is one of the most important things in a person’s life. So you can understand this sentence as, is service that important?
Hyunwoo: Yeah that’s right and other ways of saying this in 반말 are밥 먹여 주냐? 밥 먹여 주니? 밥 먹여 줘? 왠지I think Mihyeon will sound much, much better than me saying these phrases. 미현씨, 다시 한 번만 읽어 주세요.
Mihyeon: 사랑이 밥 먹여 주냐? 친구가 밥 먹여 주니? 공부가 밥 먹여 줘?
Hyunwoo: Okay now let’s move on to the grammar point.

Lesson focus

Hyunwoo: Like we mentioned before, today’s focus is how to say I feel. It seems to be rather or kind of. 미현씨, 어떤 표현이죠?
Mihyeon: 뭐뭐는 감이 있다.
Hyunwoo: And how is it constructed, Junsu?
Junsu: It is verb stem plus 는 plus 감이 있다. 감 actually means feeling. So literally it means I have or it has a feeling or something, something.
Hyunwoo: So for example, in this dialogue, the two people were talking about the restaurant or rather the food in the restaurant. 비싼 감이 있다 being rather expensive or they were feeling that the food was rather expensive. So they are not being so straightforward or direct by saying 비싸, 너무 비싸. But they are saying 비싼 감이 있어. There is a feeling. I have a feeling that it is a bit overpriced. So they are being kind of moderate but they are still saying that it is not cheap. Okay so I hope you’ve all got it and let’s hear some more examples on this grammar point. 미현씨, 부탁해요.
Mihyeon: 이 방은 좀 어두운 감이 있어요.
Junsu: I feel that this room is kind of dark.
Mihyeon: 좀 늦은 감이 있지만 용서해 줄게요.
Mihyeon: I have a feeling that it’s kind of late but I will forgive you.


Hyunwoo: Thank you. So that’s it for today.
Junsu: See you there everyone.
Mihyeon: 다음에 봐요.


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