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Lesson Transcript

Mihyeon: 안녕하세요. 미현입니다.
Junsu: Hi everyone. I am Junsu.
Hyunwoo: 안녕하세요. 현우입니다. I Am Bored To Death. Junsu, do you say this often like I am bored?
Junsu: Yeah I do, especially when I am at home and I have nothing to do. I keep saying this, I am bored, I am so bored.
Hyunwoo: And 미현씨 how do you say this in Korean, I am bored?
Mihyeon: 지루해요라고 해요. 아니면 심심해요라고 해요.
Hyunwoo: 미현씨는 do you say 심심해요 or 지루해요 often?
Mihyeon: 음...저는 집에 혼자 있을 때 혼자 심심하다 심심하다 얘기 많이 해요.
Hyunwoo: 아 그래요? But I think you are very busy actually. You don’t answer when I call and if I text you, if I send you a 문자 message, I get a 답장 a reply about three days later.
Junsu: Well she is probably just avoiding you.
Hyunwoo: 미현씨, 그래요?
Mihyeon: 저 이런 적 없어요.
Hyunwoo: 진짜요? 제가 며칠 전에 연락했는데...
Mihyeon: 못 봤어요.
Hyunwoo: Well that’s a very lame excuse.
Junsu: Well any way, is 지루하다 or 심심하다 what we are going to learn to say in Korean today?
Hyunwoo: Nope. Its part of what you are going to learn. 오늘은 we will learn how to say I am bored to death.
Mihyeon: 한국 사람들은 이 표현 정말 좋아하는 것 같아요.
Hyunwoo: 네. I am sure it’s used in 다른 나라 too but it’s used very often particularly in Korea. 그럼 대화를 들어 보실까요? 오늘은 누구와 누구 사이의 대화예요? Who is the conversation between?
Mihyeon: 지훈하고 혜영이 밥을 먹으러 갔어요.
Junsu: Well I guess they are talking in a restaurant then.
Mihyeon: 네. 그리고 웨이터하고 이야기를 해요.
Hyunwoo: And 지훈이랑 혜영은 친구니까 they are using 반말 and the waiter is using 존댓말 of course. 그럼 한번 들어 보시죠.
(1)지훈: 야, 왜 이렇게 늦게 와! 배고파 죽겠어.
(2)혜영: 어, 미안. 빨리 들어가자.
(3)점원: 어서오세요. 두 분이세요?
(4)혜영: 네.
(5)점원: 여기 앉으세요. 바로 주문하시겠습니까?
(6)지훈: 네, 스테이크 하나랑 크림 스파게티 주세요.
(7)점원: 스테이크는 어떻게 해 드릴까요?
(8)지훈: 배고파 죽겠어요. 미디엄이 빠르죠? 미디엄으로 주세요.
(9)점원: 스프는 무슨 스프를 드릴까요?
(10)지훈: (다급하게) 버섯으로 주세요!
(11)점원: 그리고..
(12)지훈: 아. 배고파 죽겠어요. 그냥 빨리 주세요!
Seol: 영어로 한 번 더.
(1)지훈: 야, 왜 이렇게 늦게 와! 배고파 죽겠어.
(1)Jihun: Hey, why are you so late! I'm starving to death.
(2)혜영: 어, 미안. 빨리 들어가자.
(2)Hyeyoung: Oh, sorry. Let's hurry inside.
(3)점원: 어서오세요. 두 분이세요?
(3)Waiter: Welcome. Party of two?
(4)혜영: 네.
(4)Hyeyoung: Yes.
(5)점원: 여기 앉으세요. 바로 주문하시겠습니까?
(5)Waiter: Please sit here. Will you order right away?
(6)지훈: 네, 스테이크 하나랑 크림 스파게티 주세요.
(6)Jihun: Yes. One steak and a cream spaghetti please.
(7)점원: 스테이크는 어떻게 해 드릴까요?
(7)Waiter: How would you like your steak?
(8)지훈: 배 고파 죽겠어요. 미디엄이 빠르죠? 미디엄으로 주세요.
(8)Jihun: I'm starving to death. Medium's fast right? Get me a medium please.
(9)점원: 스프는 무슨 스프를 드릴까요?
(9)Waiter: Which soup would you like?
(10)지훈: (다급하게) 버섯으로 주세요!
(10)Jihun: (hurriedly) Mushroom!
(11)점원: 그리고..
(11)Waiter: And also...
(12)지훈: 아. 배고파 죽겠어요. 그냥 빨리 주세요!
(12)Jihun: I'm really starving. Just get me the food quick!
Hyunwoo: I hate that too. I just like to say my order one time only.
Junsu: Yeah me too. Obviously if you go to a restaurant and order, you are really hungry but I always say 많이 주세요 at the end.
Hyunwoo: 그래요? 미현씨는 어때요? Do you like making detailed orders like this? 이렇게 자세하게 주문하는 거 좋아하세요?
Mihyeon: 배 많이 고픈데 자꾸 말 시키면 짜증나잖아요. 저는 그냥 빨리 주는 게 좋아요. 그래서 저는 빨리 주세요 그렇게 말해요.
Hyunwoo: Hmm at some restaurants, waiters ask you for like details right? How do you want the meat to be cooked and what kind of salad do you want, what kind of dressing do you want? 저도 그런 거 싫어해요. 그냥 메뉴가 하나 있고 그냥 I just want to be able to choose one menu and get the food right away. Okay let’s go to the vocab then.
Hyunwoo: 첫 번째 단어는 뭐예요, 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 늦다
Hyunwoo: 늦다
Junsu: To be late.
Mihyeon: 늦다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 늦다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Yes this word means to be late but what’s interesting about this word is, in Korean even when you are talking about being late right now, you say that in the past tense. You don’t say 늦어 right? How do you say I am late Junsu?
Junsu: 늦었다
Mihyeon: 늦었다
Hyunwoo: Yeah so note that the Korean sentence for I am late is in the past tense. It’s 늦었다 or 늦었어 or 늦었어요 if you want to be polite and how do you say I am running late. You are not late already but you are going to be late. You are running late. How do you say that 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 늦겠다
Junsu: 늦겠다
Hyunwoo: Yeah 늦겠다, 늦겠어, 늦겠어요. Okay and Korean people sometimes use this verb in its adverb form right?
Mihyeon: 네. 늦게라고 말해요. 늦게 가다, 늦게 오다.
Hyunwoo: That’s right and that’s why a lot of Korean people when they learn English, they say I came back home lately last night.
Junsu: Yeah and what they actually mean is, I came home late last night.
Hyunwoo: 네, 맞아요. Okay 다음 단어 소개해 주세요.
Mihyeon: 죽다
Hyunwoo: 죽다
Junsu: to die
Mihyeon: 죽다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 죽다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Junsu, what is a very common expression that a lot of young people or mainly kids say when they are threatening someone or even when they are having a small quarrel?
Junsu: Yeah I actually use this expression often too. It’s 죽을래?
Hyunwoo: And what does it mean?
Junsu: You want to die?
Hyunwoo: 미현씨도 do you sometimes say this kind of thing too? 가끔씩 이런 말 쓰세요?
Mihyeon: 저 자주 쓰는데요.
Hyunwoo: 자주요?
Mihyeon: 죽을래? 죽고 싶어?
Hyunwoo: Yeah that sounds very natural and very threatening too. Who do you usually say that to?
Mihyeon: 여기 있는 사람들한테요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah actually we are working in a very dangerous environment. Anyway, just kidding. 진짜로 죽을래 이런 말 쓰세요?
Mihyeon: 네. 동생한테만 조용히.
Hyunwoo: Ah 조용히 quietly but you know, quiet 죽을래 is even more scary. Okay I advise our listeners not to use this to a stranger but it’s fine to use it with friends in a friendly manner not literally meaning it of course. 자, 그럼 다음 단어 소개해 주세요 미현씨.
Mihyeon: 분
Hyunwoo: 분
Junsu: Person honorific.
Mihyeon: 분 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 분 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: This word has the same meaning as 사람 or 명 the counter for 사람 but when do you use this word Junsu?
Junsu: You use it when you want to be polite or honorific to somebody. So if you want to be honorific and mention this person over here for example, you say 이분 and in the same way if you want to say that person over there, you say 저분 and if you just want to say that person, you say 그분.
Hyunwoo: Yes and it can also be used as a counter right. How do you say one person honorifically 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 한 분
Hyunwoo: Two people?
Mihyeon: 두 분
Hyunwoo: And 세 분, 네 분, 다섯 분, 여섯 분, 일곱 분, 아홉 분, 열분. And please remember not to say 일 분, 이 분, 삼 분, 사 분, 오 분 because that means
Junsu: One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes and so on.
Hyunwoo: That’s right. So in this dialogue, the waiter asked, are you two or are you two people and what did he say in Korean?
Mihyeon: 두 분이세요?
Hyunwoo: Yeah and if the waiter wanted to know how many people you want the table for, what can he ask?
Mihyeon: 몇 분이세요?
Mihyeon: 몇 분이세요?
Hyunwoo: Okay so now it’s time to go to the grammar.

Lesson focus

Hyunwoo: 네, 준수씨, 오늘의 문법 포인트는 뭐예요? What’s today’s grammar point?
Junsu: Today’s grammar point is how to say you are something, something to death which actually means you are very much in that specific state. This is used to emphasize or sometimes exaggerate the emotion that you have or the state you are in.
Hyunwoo: So how do you say that in Korean 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 아/어/여서 죽겠다라고 해요.
Hyunwoo: 네. 아/어/여 conjugation plus 서 죽겠다라고 할 수도 있고. You can also say 아/어/여 죽겠다. Junsu, how do you construct the sentence with this grammar point?
Junsu: Well you first take a verb stem and then add 아/어/여 죽겠다 or 아/어/여서 죽겠다.
Hyunwoo: 맞아요. So how was it used in today’s dialogue?
Mihyeon: 지훈이가 배고파 죽겠어라고 했어요.
Junsu: Jihun said, I am starving to death.
Hyunwoo: 네, 맞아요. 미현씨, 그러면 예문 좀 더 들어 주시겠어요?
Mihyeon: 너 때문에 짜증나서 죽겠어.
Junsu: You are annoying me to death.
Hyunwoo: I was trying to think of a smart answer but that sounded too scary. I just can’t think right now. Another example.
Mihyeon: 잠을 못 자서 졸려서 죽겠어요.
Junsu: I couldn’t get much sleep. I am tired to death.
Hyunwoo: Sometimes Junsu looks like she wants to say this but she is too polite and she doesn’t say anything.
Junsu: Yeah actually I want to say this right now.
Mihyeon: 얼굴 보면 알 수 있어요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah that clearly shows on her face.
Mihyeon: 오늘 우리 졸려 죽겠어요.
Junsu: 오늘 우리 졸려 죽겠어요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah 오늘 두 사람이 이상하게 strangely enough, they are very tired. What did you do last night?
Mihyeon: 비밀이에요.
Hyunwoo: Okay.
Junsu: Me too, it’s a secret.
Hyunwoo: Okay, girls.


Hyunwoo: Okay, so that’s it for today.
Mihyeon: 네, 여러분 수고하셨고요. 다음 주에 만나요.
Junsu: Yeah everyone, see you at the website.
Hyunwoo: 안녕히 계세요.


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