Lesson Transcript

잘 지냈어요? (Jal ji-naess-eo-yo?)
In the next minute, you’ll be challenged with asking someone about their well-being.
First, let’s look at some examples.
잘 지냈어요? (Jal ji-naess-eo-yo?))
네, 잘 지냈어요. (Ne, jal ji-naess-eo-yo.)
잘 지냈어요? (Jal ji-naess-eo-yo?)
아주 잘 지냈어요. (A-ju jal ji-naess-eo-yo.)
잘 지냈어?(Jal ji-naess-eo?)
잘 지냈어. (Jal ji-naess-eo.)
Let's practice!
계진 씨와 커피숍에서 만났습니다. 계진 씨에게 안부를 물어보세요.
(Gye-jin ssi-wa keo-pi-syob-e-seo man-nat-seum-ni-da. Gye-jin ssi-e-ge an-bu-reul mur-eo-bo-se-yo. )
네, 잘 지냈어요.
(Ne, jal ji-naess-eo-yo.)
How did you do?
You can consider this practice exercise successful if you were able to answer in the given time, and used the proper expression as in the following example.
잘 지냈어?(Jal ji-naess-eo?)
Try this practice exercise again if you want to improve your fluency or skill in any of these areas.