Lesson Transcript

어머니, 아버지, 오빠, 저예요. (Eo-meo-ni, a-beo-ji, o-ppa, jeo-ye-yo.)
In the next minute, you’ll be challenged to talk about your family.
First, let’s look at some examples.
아버지, 어머니, 여동생, 저예요. (A-beo-ji, eo-meo-ni, yeo-dong-saeng, jeo-ye-yo.)
아버지, 어머니, 누나, 저예요. (A-beo-ji, eo-meo-ni, nu-na, jeo-ye-yo.)
남편, 아들, 딸, 저예요. (Nam-pyeon, a-deul, ttal, jeo-ye-yo.)
아내, 딸, 저예요. (A-nae, ttal, jeo-ye-yo.)
Let's practice!
계진 씨에게 가족 사진을 보여 줍니다. 계진 씨의 질문에 답하세요. 가족을 소개하세요.
(Gye-jin ssi-e-ge ga-jok sa-jin-eul bo-yeo jum-ni-da. Gye-jin ssi-e jil-mun-e dap-a-se-yo. Ga-jog-eul so-gae-ha-se-yo.)
가족이에요? (Ga-jog-i-e-yo?)
How did you do?
You can consider this practice exercise successful if you were able to answer in the given time, completed a pattern with your family members, and used the sentence pattern featured in this example.
아버지, 어머니, 누나, 저예요. (A-beo-ji, eo-meo-ni, nu-na, jeo-ye-yo.
Try this practice exercise again if you want to improve your fluency or skill in any of these areas.