Lesson Transcript

안녕히 계세요. (An-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo.)
In the next minute, you’ll be challenged to use parting expressions.
First, let’s look at some examples.
안녕히 가세요. (An-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo. )
안녕히 계세요. (An-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo. )
안녕. (An-nyeong)
안녕. (An-nyeong)
Let's practice!
커피숍을 나갑니다. 점원의 인사에 답하세요.
(Keo-pi-syob-eul na-gam-ni-da. Jeom-won-e in-sa-e dap-a-se-yo.)
안녕히 가세요. (An-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo.)
집에 갑니다. 친구에게 작별 인사를 하세요. (Jib-e gam-ni-da. Chin-gu-e-ge jak-byeol in-sa-reul ha-se-yo.)
잘 가. (Jal ga.)
How did you do?
You can consider this practice exercise successful if you were able to answer in the given time, and used a proper parting expression, as in the following example.
안녕히 계세요. (An-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo. )
Try this practice exercise again if you want to improve your fluency or skill in any of these areas.