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Lesson Transcript

신발 선물 (sinbal seonmul) shoes as a gift
Do you know about 신발 선물? 신발 선물 means "shoes as a gift."
In Korea, it's believed that giving shoes to your girlfriend or boyfriend would make them run away.
It's because brand new shoes will make someone run or walk. For that reason, Korean people don't give shoes as a gift to their loved one.
애인 사이에는 신발 선물을 하는 게 아니에요. (aein saieneun sinbal seonmureul haneunge anieyo.)
It is better not to give shoes as gifts between lovers.
똥 밞기 (ttong balkki) stepping on feces
Do you know about 똥 밞기? 똥 밞기 means "stepping on feces."
In Korea, it's believed that if you step on poop, it will bring you luck.
It's because manure was valuable in agricultural societies. So until this day, feces symbolizes money and luck.
한국 사람들은 똥을 밟으면 재수가 좋다고 믿습니다. (hanguk saramdeureun ttongeul balbeumyeon jaesuga jotago mitsseumnida.)
Korean people believe that stepping on poop brings luck.