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Lesson Transcript

닭날개 (dangnalgae) chicken wings
Do you know about 닭날개? 닭날개 means "chicken wings."
In Korea, it's believed that offering chicken wings to your husband or boyfriend will make him cheat on you.
It's because the wings could make him fly away. In Korean, the word 바람 means "wind" but also "cheating on a loved one." This is why people connect chicken wings with someone cheating, because wings and wind infers one flying away.
닭날개를 좋아하는 남자는 바람피울지 몰라요. (dangnalgaereul joahaneun namjaneun barampiulji mollayo.)
A man who likes chicken wings may cheat on you.
떨어지는 꿈 (tteoreojineun kkum) falling dreams
Do you know about 떨어지는 꿈? 떨어지는 꿈 means "falling dreams."
In Korea, it's believed that if you fall in your dream, you will grow tall.
It's because teenagers who are in growth spurts tend to have falling dreams.
한국 사람들은 떨어지는 꿈을 꾸면 키가 큰다고 믿습니다. (hanguk saramdeureun tteoreojineun kkumeul kkumyeon kiga kkeundago mitsseumnida.)
Korean people believe that if you fall in your dream you will grow tall.