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Lesson Transcript

선풍기 질식사 (seonpunggi jilsiksa) fan death
Do you know about 선풍기 질식사? 선풍기 질식사 means "fan death."
In Korea, it's believed sleeping inside a closed room with the fan on will make you die because of hypothermia.
It's because of false reports by the media that identified some deaths, which occured in summer, as being caused by hypothermia due to using a fan.
더운 여름밤에는 선풍기를 틀고 자지 마세요. (deo-un yeoreumbameneun seonpunggireul teulgo jaji maseyo.)
During hot summer nights, don't sleep with the fan on.
엿 먹기 (yeot meokki) eating taffy
Do you know about 엿 먹기? 엿 먹기 means "eating taffy."
In Korea, it's believed that eating "yeot" or Korean taffy will help you pass an exam.
It's because the Korean verb 붙다 has multiple meanings including "pass" and "stick." So Korean people believe eating a sticky taffy will also help you pass an exam because it shares the same verb.
한국 사람들은 수험생에게 엿을 선물합니다. (hanguk saramdeureun suheomsaeng-ege yeoseul seonmulhamnida.)
Korean people give taffy as a gift to test-takers.