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Lesson Transcript

안녕하세요. 에이미에요. 반가워요.
Hi everybody! I’m Amy.
Welcome to KoreanClass101.com’s 삼분 한국어. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Korean.
In the last lesson, we learned some words used when apologizing in Korean, including 죄송합니다 and 미안해. In this lesson we are going to learn some numbers.
Yes, numbers: 숫자! There are actually two systems of counting in Korean. In this lesson you're going to learn the Chinese-based numbers one to ten. And you're going to learn them in only three minutes, 삼분!
Are you ready? Then let’s start!
일, one.
[slowly] 일.
이, two.
[slowly] 이.
삼, three.
[slowly] 삼.
사, four.
[slowly] 사.
오, five.
[slowly] 오.
육, six.
[slowly] 육.
칠, seven.
[slowly] 칠.
팔, eight.
[slowly] 팔.
구, nine.
[slowly] 구.
십, ten.
[slowly] 십.
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1 일
2 이
3 삼
4 사
5 오
6 육
7 칠
8 팔
9 구
10 십
Great job!
Now, what comes before 일? Do you know how to say “zero” in Korean? It’s 영, but in phone numbers it's often said 공.
[slowly] 영, 공.
Imagine someone tells you a phone number. Can you understand it?
공일공, 삼, 일, 칠, 오 사, 이, 육, 팔
Now it’s time for Amy’s insights.
As we mentioned earlier, Korean has two systems of counting: the Chinese-based one we're learning now, and a native Korean one. The Chinese-based one is easier, so we're learning it first.
But we’ll learn the native Korean counting system in the very next next 삼분 한국어 lesson. See you then!
다음에 또 만나요!