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Lesson Transcript

여러분, 안녕하세요? 에이미에요. Hi, everybody! I’m Amy.
Welcome back to KoreanClass101.com’s 삼분 한국어, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Korean.
In the last lesson the last lesson, we covered to ask to take a picture, 사진 좀 찍어주시겠어요?, "Can you please take my picture?" Today we are going to learn what to say when you don't know what something is called in Korean.
Because of the tough Korean education system, all Koreans at least know some English.
So if you want to know how to say a certain word in Korean, you can there's a good chance you’ll be able to ask them using the English word.
Lines in red are cut:
So say 한국어로 어떻게 읽어요?
which means,
"How do you say it in Korean?"
한국어로 means "In Korean."
어떻게 means "how."
~라고 말해요 means “say...”
And 읽어요 means "read."
[slowly] 한국어로 어떻게 읽어요?
Just put the word you want to ask about in the middle, after 한국어로.
한국어로 "apple" 어떻게 말해요?
[slow] 한국어로 "apple" 어떻게 말해요?
Your Korean friend would respond,
사과라고 말해요.
사과 is the Korean word for apple, and
~라고 말해요 means “We say...”,
사과라고 말해요.
how easy is that?
If your Korean friend doesn’t understand the English, you will have to draw a picture or simply point at it and say
이거 한국어로 어떻게 말해요?
"How do you say this in Korean?"
이거 is ‘this’
[slowly] 이거 한국어로 어떻게 말해요?
What if you hear a Korean word but don’t know the meaning?
사과"는 무슨 뜻이에요?
You know that 사과 is ‘apple’
무슨 뜻 무슨 뜻이에요? means "what does it mean"
[slowly] "사과"는 무슨 뜻이에요?
If the other person knows the English, he'll answer,
"Apple"이라는 뜻이에요.
It means apple!
Now it’s time for Amy’s insight.
Some Koreans talk fast and you might not catch it in the first time. So, here’s how to ask
“Please speak a little more slowly.”
좀 더 천천히 말해 주세요.
좀 더 “ a little more”
천천히 is “slowly.”
[slowly] 좀 더 천천히 말해 주세요
In the next lesson, we’ll learn what to do when we can’t read or pronounce something in Korean.
So don’t miss our next 삼분 한국어 lesson!
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