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Lesson Transcript

여러분, 안녕하세요? 에이미에요. Hi, everybody! I’m Amy.
Welcome back to KoreanClass101.com’s 삼분 한국어, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Korean.
In the last lesson, we learned how to say 근처에 약국이 있어요? which means, is there pharmacy nearby? This time we'll be riding a bus in Korea.
Are you ready? Let’s buy the ticket!
Not many Korean bus drivers speak English and it would be very useful if you know how to get around.
When you get on a bus, you can pay either by cash or the prepaid card called T-Money.
Actually you get a 10% discount if you use T-Money! So let’s get on the bus and stick with T-Money!
You can get T-Money at any convenience store around you.
Here’s how to buy it in Korean.
티머니 카드 주세요.
티머니 is the Korean pronunciation of T-money and 주세요 is "please give me.", a pattern you've seen many times before.
When you buy a card, It costs around 3000 won, but then you can charge it with money.
So the clerk will ask,
얼마짜리 카드요?
얼마 is "how much.", that we learned from ‘shopping’ lesson.
짜리 is "worth."
카드요 means ‘the card’ with ending verb
So it’s asking how much money would you like on your card.
얼마짜리 카드요?
Then let's say you want to load 20,000 won on your card.
"Twenty thousand won, please."
The clerk will then tell you the total price which is 3,000 won for card and 20,000 won for charge.
Now it’s time for Amy’s insight.
Did you know you can transfer for almost nothing? For only 100 won, you can transfer from bus to bus, or even bus to subway!
The important thing is, don’t forget to scan your card before you get off the bus. Or, you will get charged again!
That's all for today. Next time, we’ll learn how to ask whether your bus is going in the right direction!
So don’t miss our next 삼분 한국어 lesson.
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