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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone, I am Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. Let’s see what we have for this week. This week’s theme is rooms in your house. Okay so let’s see what we have for this theme.
First we have 침실 (chimsil) which means “bedroom.” 실 (sil) is the word meaning “room.” So I think you are going to see this word several times in this video and 침 (chim) can be used for anything that you use for sleeping because it means “to sleep” literally. Okay what that word, you can say 우리 부모님은 침실을 같이 사용합니다. (Uri bumonimeun chimsireul gachi sayonghamnida.) which means “My parents share a bedroom.”
Okay next we have 거실 (geosil) which means “living room.” So you can also see the same word 실 (sil) here which means “room.” With that word, you can say 우리 가족은 저녁에 거실에 모여서 함께 티비를 봅니다. (Uri gajogeun jeonyeoge geosire moyeoseo hamkke tibireul bomnida.) which means “In the evening, my family watches TV together in the living room.”
Okay next we have 부엌 (bueok) which means “kitchen.” With that word, I can say 옛날에는 부엌이 집 바깥에 있었습니다. (Yennareneun bueoki jip bakkate isseotsseumnida.) which means “In the old days, kitchens were placed outside homes in Korea.”
옷방 (otbang) “dressing room.” I wanted to have that kind of room when I was young. 옷 (ot) means “cloth” and 방 (bang) means “room.” So it means – it literally means room for clothes, a dressing room. We can say 한국에는 정말 정말 큰 집에만 옷방이 있습니다. (Hangugeneun jeongmal jeongmal keun jibeman otbangi itsseumnida.) which means “In Korea, you can find dressing rooms only in a very, very, very, very big houses.”
Okay next we have 화장실 (hwajangsil) meaning “bathroom.” Actually 화장 (hwajang) means “make up” and 실 (sil) means “room.” So it literally means make up room but in these days, we use this word to mean bathroom. Okay with that word, I can say 갑자기 소식이 와서 공원에 있는 공중화장실에 갔습니다. (Gapjagi sosigi waseo gongwone inneun gongjunghwajangsire gatsseumnida.) which means “I certainly got some news. So I just went to a public restroom in a park.” I just used the word 소식이 오다 (sosigi oda) which means like “the news just came in.” That’s meaning something like you just you know got some signal that you wanted to, you know you have to go to the restroom and that’s the end.
Okay that’s all for this week. I will see you next time. 다음에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeume boepgetsseumnida.) 감사합니다. (Gamsahamnida.)