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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. And this week’s theme is, let me see, music genres. In Korea, we call it like 장르 (jangneu) so music genres.
First we have 댄스 음악 (daenseu eumak) which means dance music. So as you can see, we say dance as 댄스 (danseu) and 음악 (eumak) means “music.” With that word, I can say 저는 소녀시대의 댄스음악의 광팬입니다. (Jeoneun sonyeosidaeui daenseueumagui gwangpaenimnida.) which means “I am a crazy fan of Girls’ Generation’s dance music. Here I just used the word 광팬 (gwangpaen) which literally means “crazy fan” or fan who is crazy into something.
Okay next we have 록 음악 (rok eumak). Can you guess what it means? It means “rock music.” Okay with that word, you can say 여름에 부산에 가면 록 음악 축제를 즐길 수 있습니다. (Yeoreume busane gamyeon rok eumak chukjereul jeulgil su itsseumnida.) which means “If you go to Busan in summer, you can enjoy Busan Rock Music Festival.”
Okay next we have 사물놀이 (samulnori) which is translated as Samulnori. It literally means play with four different musical instruments. So there are two different types of gongs and two different types of drums too. So when you see Samulnori you can see people wearing traditional clothes and playing those four different kinds of gongs and drums. With that word, you can say 추석이나 설날에 한국에 가면 사물놀이를 쉽게 볼 수 있습니다. (Chuseogina seolnare hanguge gamyeon samulnorireul swipge bol su itsseumnida.) “If you go to Korea on New Year’s Day or Korean Thanksgiving Day, you can easily see Samulnori performance.”
아이돌 음악 (aidol eumak) which means “idol music.” I thought that idol is Korean. I didn’t know that idol is English actually. 한국의 아이돌 음악은 아시아 여러 나라에서 인기가 많습니다. (Hangugui aidol eumageun asia yeoreo naraeseo ingiga mansseumnida.) which means “Korean idol music are popular among other Asian countries.”
재즈 (jaejeu). Can you guess what it means? It means Jazz. In Korea, J sound and Z sound are all the same like 즈 (jeu) sound. So we just call it as 재즈 (jaejeu) for Jazz. With that word, I can say 서울에 가면 한강변에 있는 식당에서 재즈 음악을 듣는 것을 추천합니다. (Seoure gamyeon hangangbyeone inneun sikdangeseo jaejeu eumageul deutneun geoseul chucheonhamnida.) “If you go to Seoul, I recommend you listen to jazz music in a restaurant near Han River.”
End okay that’s all for this week. I hope you all enjoyed these words. And I will see you next week. 다음 주에 봐요. (Daeum jue bwayo.) 감사합니다. (Gamsahamnida.)