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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone. I am Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. Okay and the theme for this week is South Korean cities. Okay let’s see what we have.
Okay we have 목포 (mokpo). Mokpo is the city that is located on the western south part of South Korean peninsula. So I actually haven’t got a chance to go there but if you want to see beautiful islands, then this will be the city that you have to go to. 목포 근처에는 아름다운 섬들이 많이 있습니다. (Mokpo geuncheoeneun areumdaun seomdeuri mani itsseumnida.) which means “Near Mokpo city, there are many beautiful islands.”
Now we have 인천 (incheon). Incheon has the airport, international airport. So if you are planning to go to South Korea, you can see this word in the list of the airports. With that word, you can say 인천 국제공항에서 서울까지는 한 시간 걸립니다. (Incheon gukjegonghangeseo seoulkkajineun han sigan geollimnida.) which means “It takes about 1 hour from Incheon International Airport to Seoul.”
We have 천안 (cheonan). with that word I can say 한국 사람들은 천안에 가면 호두 과자를 삽니다. (Hanguk saramdeureun cheonane gamyeon hodu gwajareul samnida.) which means “When Korean people go to Cheonan City, they buy chestnut cookies.”
Okay next we have 부산 (busan). Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea. So if you’ve already traveled around Seoul City the capital, I recommend you to visit Busan city too because they have a lot of great seafoods. So I can say 부산은 해산물 요리로 유명합니다. (Busaneun haesanmul yoriro yumyeonghamnida.) which means “Busan is very popular with seafoods.”
Okay now we have 서울 (seoul) which means “Seoul,” the capital of South Korea. I can make a sentence something like 서울에 가서 도움이 필요할 때에는 120 번을 누르세요. (Seoure gaseo doumi piryohal ttaeeneun irigong beoneul nureuseyo.) which means “When you need a help in Seoul, just press 120.” And just call it. On those, there will be some staff speaking English very fluently and they will just help you with what you need. It’s for free, so you can just call the number if you need any help in Seoul like tourist attractions or any translation help from them.
Okay so that was for all the words that we have for this week. We hope to see you in the next Weekly Words video. So have a nice day. 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)