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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone. I am Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. Let’s see what we have for this week. This week’s theme is buildings. Okay let’s see what we have for this theme.
The first word is 아파트 (apateu) which means “apartment.” With that word, you can say 많은 한국 사람들은 자기 아파트를 갖는 것을 꿈꾸고 있습니다. (Maneun hanguk saramdeureun jagi apateureul ganneun geoseul kkumkkugo itsseumnida.) which means “South Korean people have a dream of having their own apartment.” Having an apartment in South Korea especially in Seoul is not easy because it’s super expensive. So people usually have a dream of that after making a lot of income you know.
And next we have 집 (jip) which means “house.” With that word, you can say 새로운 집으로 이사를 해서 집들이를 하기 위해서 사람들을 집으로 초대했습니다. (Saeroun jibeuro isareul haeseo jipdeurireul hagi wihaeseo saramdeureul jibeuro chodaehaetsseumnida.) which means “Because I just moved to a new house, I invited people to come to my house warming party.”
Okay next we have 탑 (tap) which means “tower.” With that word, you can say 옛날에는 한국 사람들은 탑을 돌면서 소원을 빌었습니다. (Yennareneun hanguk saramdeureun tabeul dolmyeonseo sowoneul bireotsseumnida.) which means “In the past, Korean people walked around towers and made their wishes.” 탑 (tap) can be used mostly for traditional towers. For modern style like Seoul Tower which has observatory, then we just use the word 타워 (tawo) which means “tower.”
Okay next we have 건물 (geonmul) which means “building.” With that word, you can say 내 사촌은 건물을 세 개 가지고 있습니다. (Nae sachoneun geonmureul se gae gajigo itsseumnida.) which means “My cousin has three buildings.” which is not true.
Okay next we have 고층 건물 (gocheung geonmul) “skyscraper.” With that word, you can say 강남에 가면 많은 고층 건물들을 볼 수 있습니다. (Gangname gamyeon maneun gocheung geonmuldeureul bol su itsseumnida.) which means “You can see many skyscrapers when you visit 강남 (gangnam).” Gangnam area.
End. Okay that’s all the words that we have for this week. I will see you next time. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)