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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone, I am Jaehwi Lee, the product manager of KoreanClass101.com. Welcome to Weekly Words. I am going to introduce some words in Korean. Actually I haven’t seen them yet. So I am kind of excited to see what kind of words I am going to see.
Okay the first word is 슬픈, 슬픈 (seulpeun). It means “sad” like you can say 그 영화는 슬픈 영화다. (Geu yeonghwaneun seulpeun yeonghwada.) meaning like “That movie is a sad movie.”
And the next one will be, 어려운 (eoryeoun) “difficult.” If you just started learning Korean, then you might say 한국어는… (Hangugeoneun…) ah no it’s not good. I have to motivate people, I want to say that 한국어는 어려운 언어가 아닙니다. (Hangugeoneun eoryeoun eoneoga animnida.) which means Korean is not a difficult language.
The next one will be – I have to make a sample sentence with that 못생긴 (motsaenggin) which means “ugly.” Well actually it’s not easy to make a sentence with this word because it mostly have to be with someone but I might say 못생긴 친구가 예뻐졌다. which means “One of my ugly friends became beautiful.” That happens a lot at my college. Right, they have sometimes got some plastic surgery and they just become beautiful. So I might say 못생긴 친구가 예뻐졌다. (Motsaenggin chinguga yeppeojyeotda.)
Next one is 화난 (hwanan) which means “angry.” 오늘 아침에 화난 일이 있었다. (Oneul achime hwanan iri isseotda.) Like 화난 일 (hwanan il) it is something like something making you angry. So that means like “There was something making me angry this morning.”
Okay the next one is 역겨운 which means “disgusting.” I think I never used this word in my life. I can say 내 친구는 역겨운 음식을 좋아한다. (Nae chinguneun yeokgyeoun eumsigeul joahanda.) which means “My friend likes disgusting food.” I might say 역겨운 (yeokgyeoun) about food but I will never say that to some person or something.
Okay that’s all words for this week. I hope to see you next week. 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)