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Lesson Transcript

Do you know the counter for a pair of socks or shoes? Find out at the end of this video!
Hi everybody! I'm Alisha.
안녕하세요. 노경진입니다.
Welcome to Korean Counters for Beginners, where you'll learn how to count all sorts of different objects in Korean! Seonsaengnim (선생님), what counter will we learn in this lesson?
벌 (beol)
First, let's take a look at what sorts of objects can be counted with the counter.
When you're counting the number of items of clothing, you can use the counter...
벌 (beol)
You can use this counter for any type of clothing, such as shirts, skirts, and jeans.
Okay, let's count from 1 to 10 with this counter.
한 벌
두 벌
세 벌
네 벌
다섯 벌
여섯 벌
일곱 벌
여덟 벌
아홉 벌
열 벌
It sounds similar to the counter for the number of times, which we covered in the previous lesson, so be sure to read it correctly. Like most of the counters, the stress of the counter word should be changed when you're reading the numbers 5 to 10, which have batchim. Here, you place the stress on the first syllable.
daseot bbeol(다섯 뻘) not daseot beol(다섯 벌)
yeoseot bbeol(여섯 뻘) not yeoseot beol(여섯 벌)
ilgop bbeol(일곱 뻘) not ilgop beol (일곱 벌)
yedeol bbeol(여덜 뻘) not yedeol beol (여덜 벌)
ahop bbeol(아홉 뻘) not ahop beol (아홉 벌)
yeol bbeol(열 뻘) not yeol beol (열 벌)
Okay. Now let's take a look at some sample sentences using this counter. Listen carefully to what sorts of objects can be counted with this counter.
장롱에 셔츠가 열 벌 있습니다.
There are 10 shirts in the closet.
쇼핑몰에서 치마를 두 벌 샀습니다.
I bought 2 skirts at a shopping mall.
정장이 한 벌도 없어서 백화점에 갔습니다.
I went to the department store because I didn't have any suits.
It's now time for a quiz. I'm going to ask you a question in English. Answer the question in Korean. Are you ready? Make sure to use the right counter.
How many jeans do you have?
저는 청바지가 네 벌 있습니다.
How many shirts do you need for the business trip?
이번 출장에는 셔츠가 세 벌 필요합니다.
Do you know the counter for a pair of socks or shoes? The answer is...
It can be used for anything that you wear on your feet, such as socks or shoes. Since this counter is for a pair of socks or shoes, make sure you use this counter only when counting pairs. When you need to count an individual item, such as a sock without another pair, you can use the counter Gae, which is for general inanimate objects.
이번 여행에는 양말 다섯 켤레를 가져갈 겁니다.
I'm going to pack 5 pairs of socks for this trip.
Okay, everyone. That's it for this lesson. We'll see you next time!