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Lesson Transcript


Jaehwi: Imagine you're at bus stop trying to find a restaurant. The bus arrives and you want to ask the driver where the bus goes. But what do you say? 안녕하세요. 이재휘입니다. Jaehwi here. Anyone can learn to use public transportation in Korea. In this lesson, you'll learn how. Mark and Karen are using public transportation to find a restaurant. Let's watch!
방송: 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다.
마크: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
버스기사: 네. 갑니다.
마크: 두 명이요.
버스기사: 잠시만요.
버스기사: 이제 대세요.
방송: 다음 정류소는 종로1가입니다.
Jaehwi: Now with English.
Announcement: Bus number 702 will arrive shortly.
Mark: Excuse me, does this bus go to Jongro il-ga?
Bus driver: Yes, it does.
Mark: Two please.
Bus driver: Wait a moment please.
Bus driver: Scan it now please.
Announcement: Next stop is Jongro il-ga.
Mark: 다음, 다음, next, 다음, 다음, 다음
Mark: 정류소, 정류소, bus stop, 정류소, 정류소, 정류소
Mark: 번, 번, number, 번, 번, 번
Mark: 가다, 가다, to go, 가다, 가다, 가다
Mark: 잠시만요, 잠시만요, wait a moment, please, 잠시만요, 잠시만요, 잠시만요
Mark: 이제, 이제, now, 이제, 이제, 이제
Mark: 아저씨, 아저씨, casual way to call “Mr.”, 아저씨, 아저씨, 아저씨
Key Phrases
Mark: And now, a breakdown of some of the phrases you heard in the scene.
Jaehwi: In the scene, how did Mark ask the driver about his bus route?
Mark: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
Jaehwi: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요? 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
Jaehwi: It means “Mr., it is going to Jongro 1ga?”
Jaehwi: Here, let’s take a look at the word 아저씨.
Jaehwi: It’s the casual way to say “Mr.” in Korean. When you want to address a man who is older than you in a friendly way, you can use this word.
Jaehwi: With female staff, for example, a staff member at a restaurant, you can say 아주머니 to address the lady. This is the casual way to say “Mrs.”
Jaehwi: To say “Miss”, you can use 아가씨, usually with female staff in their 20s.
Jaehwi: Next we have 종로1가에 가나요?
Jaehwi: 종로1가 is the name of a street located at the center of business district in North Seoul.
Jaehwi: Mark asked the driver if his route includes 종로1가, so he said his destination first, then the location marking particle 에. 종로1가에.
Jaehwi: After that he added 가나요? which means “Is it going?” This is originated from the verb ‘가다’ which means "to go."
Jaehwi: Now you try! Say Mark's line.
Mark: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
Jaehwi: What did Mark and Karen hear at the bus stop when the bus was coming?
Announcer: 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다.
Jaehwi: 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다. 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다.
Jaehwi: This means “Bus number 702 will arrive shortly.”
Jaehwi: The sentence starts with the number of the bus, 702 (칠백이,) seven-o-two.
Jaehwi: Then we have the counter 번, and 버스, the noun for “bus.” All together we have “bus number 702” or in Korean 702번 버스.
Jaehwi: Using this pattern, you can say 300번 버스 to mean “Bus number 300” or 520번 버스 to mean “Bus number 520.”
Jaehwi: Next, we have 곧 도착합니다. Jaehwi: 곧 means “soon” and 도착합니다 means “to arrive.” You’ll hear the same announcement at a subway station too.
Jaehwi: Now you try! Say the announcement.
Announcer: 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다.

Lesson focus

Jaehwi: Now, the lesson focus. Here is how to ride a bus in Korea.
Jaehwi: In Seoul, a bus system connects every corner of the city.
Jaehwi: Buses are called 버스 in Korean, and they have three colors in Seoul
Jaehwi: Green is for smaller areas, blue is for connecting different districts, and red buses connect different cities.
Jaehwi: If you want to check a bus’s route, say your destination and the phrase 에 가나요? Listen again to what Mark said.
Mark: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
Jaehwi: “Mr., is this going to Jongro il-ga?” Passengers on the bus must board using the front-door and exit using the back-door.
Jaehwi: You can transfer from a bus to another bus, or from a bus to the subway almost for free up to five times.
Jaehwi: But you have to make sure to transfer within 30 minutes.
Jaehwi: To receive free transfers, make sure to scan your card whenever you exit the bus or subway.
Jaehwi: You can transfer between subways for free even if they are operated by different companies.
Jaehwi: Sometimes you may be charged additional fees depending on the distance you travel.
Jaehwi: When you get on the bus, scan your transportation card.
Jaehwi: If you hear 잔액이 부족합니다 or “You have insufficient balance.”, you can pay by cash.
Jaehwi: Take your cash and put it into the box near the driver's seat.
Jaehwi: You will receive your change, but use nothing bigger than 5,000 won bills when you pay by cash.
Jaehwi: When you want to pay for two or more passengers, say the number and 명이요.
Jaehwi: For example, if you want to pay for two, say 두 명이요.
Jaehwi: For three, 세 명이요. After saying the phrase, wait a second. The driver will change the setting of the card scanner. When it's done, scan your card to pay for multiple people.
Jaehwi: When you've paid once for multiple people, you can transfer only to buses.
Jaehwi: Make sure to say 두 명이요 or 세 명이요 when you transfer to the next bus. Otherwise, you won’t get the transfer service.
Jaehwi: When you are on the bus, make sure to listen to the announcement. The announcements will be in Korean and English, and will be displayed inside the bus.
Jaehwi: If you hear your bus stop’s name, press the red bell that is nearest you. If no one presses it, the bus won’t stop.
Jaehwi: When the bus arrives, make sure to scan your card.
Jaehwi: The card reader is placed next to the exit door.
Jaehwi: When your card was not scanned correctly, you’ll hear 카드를 다시 대 주십시오 which means “Please scan your card again.”
Jaehwi: Make sure you put your card on the reader for at least one second.
Jaehwi: Now it's time to practice your new ability.
Jaehwi: You’re getting onto a bus in Seoul to go to Hongdae. Ready? Here we go.
Jaehwi: You’ve entered the bus and need to ask the driver about the route. You want to ask if the bus goes to Hongdae. What should you say?
Jaehwi: 홍대에 가나요?
Jaehwi: The bus announces your destination is at the next stop. What should you do?
Jaehwi: When you hear the announcement, press the red button, scan your card, and get off through the back door.
Jaehwi: Great job!
Jaehwi: 홍대에 가나요?
Jaehwi: When you hear the announcement, press the red button, scan your card, and get off through the back door.


Jaehwi: 잘 했어요! Now, watch the scene one more time. After that, you'll be ready to take a bus in Korea! 안녕히 계세요!
방송: 702번 버스가 곧 도착합니다.
마크: 아저씨, 종로1가에 가나요?
버스기사: 네. 갑니다.
마크: 두 명이요.
버스기사: 잠시만요.
버스기사: 이제 대세요.
방송: 다음 정류소는 종로1가입니다.