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Lesson Transcript


Jaehwi: Imagine you are waiting in a line at the movie ticketing counter. It’s your turn to buy tickets next. What do you say? 안녕하세요. 이재휘입니다. Jaehwi here. Anyone can learn how to purchase movie tickets in Korea. In this lesson, you'll learn how. Mark and his family are buying tickets at the movie theater. Let's watch!
직원: 네 다음 분.
마크: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
직원: 시간은 언제가 좋으세요?
마크: 오늘 오후 3시로 해 주세요.
직원: 몇 분이세요?
마크: 네 명입니다.
직원: 골드클래스요?
마크: 음... 아뇨. 그냥 일반 상영관으로 해주세요.
직원: 자리는 어떻게 드릴까요?
마크: 가운데 있는 자리로 주세요.
Jaehwi: Now with English.
Staff: Next.
Mark: I want to buy tickets for "Superman."
Staff: Which movie time would you like?
Mark: Today at 3 p.m., please.
Staff: How many people?
Mark: Four.
Staff: Gold class, sir?
Mark: Hmm... No thank you. Just the regular theater, please.
Staff: Which seats would you like?
Mark: Please give us middle seats.
Jaehwi: Here are the key words and phrases you need.
Jaehwi: 다음, 다음, next, 다음, 다음, 다음
Jaehwi: 사다, 사다, to buy, 사다, 사다, 사다
Jaehwi: 티켓, 티켓, ticket, 티켓, 티켓, 티켓
Jaehwi: 일반, 일반, regular, 일반, 일반, 일반
Jaehwi: 시간, 시간, time, 시간, 시간, 시간
Jaehwi: 음, 음, hmm, 음, 음, 음
Jaehwi: 자리, 자리, seat, 자리, 자리, 자리
Jaehwi: 영화, 영화, movie, 영화, 영화, 영화
Key Phrases
Jaehwi: And now, a breakdown of a some of the Korean that you heard in the scene.
Jaehwi: In the scene, how did Mark ask to buy a movie ticket?
Mark: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요. 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: It means “I want to buy movie tickets for Superman.”
Jaehwi: First, he says 수퍼맨, the movie title and the object 영화 티켓 meaning “movie ticket.”
Jaehwi: Next we have 을 the object-marking particle, and the phrase 구입하고 싶은데요 meaning “I want to buy.”
Jaehwi: When you want to buy something, simply say the object, the object-marking particle 을, and then say 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: For example, say you want to buy clothes. “Clothing” in Korean is 옷, so you can say 옷을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: Now you try! Say Mark's line.
Staff: 네 다음 분.
Mark: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요
Jaehwi: In the scene, how did the theater clerk ask how many tickets Mark wanted?
Staff: 몇 분이세요?
Jaehwi: 몇 분이세요? 몇 분이세요?
Jaehwi: It means “how many do you have?” or “how many are you?”
Jaehwi: First, it has 몇 meaning “what.”
Jaehwi: Then we have the counter for people, 분.
Jaehwi: This is an honorific term for "person" and you can use it when referring to someone you are not familiar with.
Jaehwi: For less formal situations, you can use 명 and say 몇 명 to mean “how many people.”
Jaehwi: The phrase ends with 이세요, which is an honorific way to say “you have.” All together, we have 몇 분이세요 “How many do you have?” or “how many are you?”
Jaehwi: Now, you try. Say the theater clerk’s line.
Mark: 오늘 오후 3시로 해 주세요.
Staff: 몇 분이세요?

Lesson focus

Jaehwi: Now for the lesson focus. Here's how to buy movie tickets in Korea.
Jaehwi: There are many special types of movies theaters in Korea.
Jaehwi: These include IMAX, 4dx, and Luxurious Class.
Jaehwi: 4dx theaters feature moving and vibrating movie seats that make screenings more interactive.
Jaehwi: If you're watching an action movie or a racing movie, 4dx is a must-try.
Jaehwi: It costs one and a half times more than regular tickets.
Jaehwi: At most chain theaters, you can sit in special theaters with Gold Class and Luxurious Class level seats.
Jaehwi: At these theaters, you can find comfortable couches, seats, and high-quality service.
Jaehwi: It costs three times more than regular theaters.
Jaehwi: Gold and Luxurious seats are great for dates because you can have items like wine delivered to your seat.
Jaehwi: Also if you pay extra, you can have your pictures printed on the tickets to create a special gift.
Jaehwi: After you choose which class you want to see the movie, you can choose the movie and your screening time.
Jaehwi: Hear what Mark said first.
Mark: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: It means “I want to buy movie tickets for “Superman.”
Jaehwi: You can replace this part with the movie that you want to see.
Jaehwi: Then, you can say what time you want to see the movie. In the dialogue, Mark said...
Mark: 오늘 오후 3시로 해주세요.
Jaehwi: “Three p.m. today, please.”
Jaehwi: When you purchase tickets at the movie theater or buy them on your mobile application, you can choose where to sit.
Jaehwi: In Korea, all seats are assigned before the screening when you purchase your tickets.
Jaehwi: When purchasing your tickets, you’ll be given the options 앞 자리 “front seat,” 가운데 자리 “middle seat,” and 뒤 자리 “back seat.”
Jaehwi: Most Koreans prefer seats in the middle so it’s good to choose seats in the back if you want to avoid crowded areas.
Jaehwi: In Korea, you can also reserve and purchase tickets from your smartphone.
Jaehwi: Each theater has its own respective application that you can download.
Jaehwi: Once you download the app, choose the theater closest to you and the film you want to see. When navigating theater applications, look for the words 극장 or “theater,” 상영관 or “screen,” and 예약하기 or “reserve.”
Jaehwi: If you can find and understand these words, it will be easy to reserve your tickets over the phone.
Jaehwi: Now it's time to practice your new ability.
Jaehwi: You’re at the movie theater to buy tickets. Ready? Here we go.
Jaehwi: You want to buy movie tickets for “Spiderman.” How do you buy the tickets?
Jaehwi: 스파이더맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: The staff asks you how many tickets you need. You are a group of two. How do you answer?
Jaehwi: 두 명이요.
Jaehwi: Great job!
Jaehwi: 스파이더맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
Jaehwi: 두 명이요.


Jaehwi: 잘 했습니다! Now, watch the scene one more time. After that, you'll be ready to buy a movie ticket in Korea! 안녕히 계세요!
직원: 네 다음 분.
마크: 수퍼맨 영화 티켓을 사고 싶은데요.
직원: 시간은 언제가 좋으세요?
마크: 오늘 오후 3시로 해 주세요.
직원: 몇 분이세요?
마크: 네 명입니다.
직원: 골드클래스요?
마크: 음... 아뇨. 그냥 일반 상영관으로 해주세요.
직원: 자리는 어떻게 드릴까요?
마크: 가운데 있는 자리로 주세요.