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Lesson Transcript


Jaehwi: Imagine you're hungry and don’t want to leave your home. You’ll want to order food over the phone. But what should you say? 안녕하세요. 이재휘입니다. Jaehwi here. Anyone can learn how to order a food delivery over the phone in Korea. In this lesson, you'll learn how. Mark is at home, calling a fried chicken restaurant. Let's watch!
점원 (Staff): 여보세요., 종로 치킨입니다.
마크 (Mark): 아 여보세요. 배달되나요?
점원 (Staff): 네 됩니다.
마크 (Mark): 그럼 양념치킨 한 마리 가져다 주세요.
점원 (Staff): 양념 하나요?
마크 (Mark): 네.
점원 (Staff): 주소 말씀해주세요.
마크 (Mark): 하나오피스텔 304호요.
점원 (Staff): 하나오피스텔 304호요? 알겠습니다.
Jaehwi: Now with English.
점원 (Staff): Hello. This is Jongro Chicken.
마크 (Mark): Hello. Do you deliver?
점원 (Staff): Yes, we deliver.
마크 (Mark): Then could I get one order of seasoned spicy chicken, please?
점원 (Staff): One seasoned spicy chicken, right?
마크 (Mark): Right.
점원 (Staff): Your address, please.
마크 (Mark): Hana Officetel, Room 304.
점원 (Staff): Hana O fficetel, Room 304. Okay.
Jaehwi: Here are the key words from the scene.
Jaehwi: 배달, 배달, delivery, 배달, 배달, 배달
Jaehwi: 양념치킨, 양념치킨, chicken with spicy sauce, 양념치킨, 양념치킨, 양념치킨
Jaehwi: 후라이드, 후라이드, fried chicken, 후라이드, 후라이드, 후라이드
Jaehwi: 하나, 하나, one, 하나, 하나, 하나
Jaehwi: 주소, 주소, address, 주소, 주소, 주소
Jaehwi: 호, 호, counter for a room number, 호, 호, 호
Key Phrases
Jaehwi: And now, a breakdown of some of the Korean you heard in the scene.
Jaehwi: In the scene, how did the restaurant staff member greet Mark over the phone?
Staff: 여보세요.
Jaehwi: 여보세요. 여보세요.
Jaehwi: It means "Hello" or literally “Look here.” It’s used as an idiomatic expression to say “Hello.”
Jaehwi: You can use this form of greeting only when you speak with someone over the phone.
Jaehwi: When greeting someone in person, it’s normal to say 안녕하세요.
Jaehwi: However, during phone conversations, you need to say 여보세요, not 안녕하세요.
Jaehwi: Say the restaurant staff member's line.
Staff: 여보세요.
Jaehwi: How did Mark ask the staff member to bring him food?
Mark: 그럼 양념치킨 한 마리 가져다 주세요.
Jaehwi: It means "Then could I get one order of seasoned spicy chicken, please?"
Jaehwi: Let's look at the sentence ending 가져다 주세요.
Jaehwi: This phrase means "please bring" and you can use it to ask someone to bring something.
Jaehwi: First it has the word 가져다 meaning “to bring.”
Jaehwi: By adding 주세요 at the end of the phrase, you can make a polite request.
Jaehwi: Therefore, 가져다주세요 means “Please bring.”
Jaehwi: Using the same pattern, you can ask for different types of food.
Jaehwi: When you want to order fried chicken, you can use the word 후라이드 치킨 meaning "fried chicken" and say 후라이드 치킨 가져다주세요. It means “Please bring me a fried chicken.”
Jaehwi: If you want to get an order of a Chinese-Korean dish made of black soybean, or 짜장면, you can say 짜장면 가져다주세요 to mean "Please bring me a dish of black soybean noodle."
Jaehwi: Now you try! Say Mark's line.
Mark: 그럼 양념치킨 한 마리 가져다 주세요.

Lesson focus

Jaehwi: Now to the lesson focus. Here's how to order food over the phone.
Jaehwi: Do you know one of the most popular types of food that people order and have delivered to them in Korea?
Jaehwi: It’s chicken, or in Korean, 통닭.
Jaehwi: When you order chicken in Korea you can choose from a wide range of flavors.
Jaehwi: You can order fried chicken or 후라이드 치킨, or maybe chicken with spicy sauce or 양념치킨.
Jaehwi: It costs around 15,000 Korean Won which is around 12 to 15 USD per order of chicken.
Jaehwi: If you’re pressed for time or really hungry, then ordering 짜장면 is your best option.
Jaehwi: 짜장면 is a Chinese-Korean dish made of black soybean paste and noodles, and it's very cheap.
Jaehwi: It costs only 3000 Korean Won or around 3 USD per dish.
Jaehwi: Compared to other foods, 짜장면 is prepared quickly.
Jaehwi: And the delivery time is much shorter than chicken restaurants with an average of 15 to 20 minutes.
Jaehwi: If you live in Korea, you can find flyers almost every day in front of your door.
Jaehwi: You can get the name of the food and the price there.
Jaehwi: Sometimes, you can find a book of flyers, which show the menu and the price of food available for delivery around your town.
Jaehwi: If you don't have any flyers, look on the websites of popular chains such as BBQ 치킨 for chicken, and 도미노피자 for pizza.
Jaehwi: You can simply say the food name and say 가져다 주세요 which means “please bring” as Mark did.
Mark: 그럼 양념치킨 한 마리 하나 가져다 주세요.
Jaehwi: Then the staff will say 주소 말씀해주세요 “Tell me your address”, or 주소 어떻게 되세요? " What’s your address?"
Jaehwi: These are honorific phrases that are used to ask your address.
Staff: 주소 말씀해주세요.
Jaehwi: When you give your address to the staff, you can start with the street address or the building’s name as Mark did.
Mark: 하나오피스텔 304호요.
Jaehwi: Mark lives in 오피스텔, which is a popular type of accommodation in South Korea.
Jaehwi: He gives the name of the building, 하나오피스텔, then says 304호, the room number.
Jaehwi: Make sure that when you give your room number, you say the counter 호 as in 304호. 호 is the counter for room numbers.
Jaehwi: Usually you don't need to give the full address when the restaurant is in your town.
Jaehwi: Only when you live in a regular house, you need to give the street name, and the street numbers, for example, 사랑길 3다시2 or 3-2 Sarang Street.
Jaehwi: You can find the street name and the street number right next to the front door of your building.
Jaehwi: Once the staff have your address, you’re set to go.
Jaehwi: It usually takes about 30-40 minutes to get your food delivered.
Jaehwi: If you want to check how long it will take, ask 얼마나 걸려요? This means “How long will it take?”
Jaehwi: If you want to pay by a credit card, make sure to ask 카드 돼요? which means “Is a credit card okay?”
Jaehwi: If you don’t ask, the staff might not bring the credit card reader when they deliver the food.
Jaehwi: When the delivery staff come, they will ring the bell.
Jaehwi: They will say 치킨 왔습니다 which means “Chicken is here.” or 중국집이요 which means “Chinese restaurant here.”
Jaehwi: Open the door, get your food, and give the bills or credit card to the staff.
Jaehwi: Now, it's time to practice your new ability.
Jaehwi: You’re calling your favorite food delivery restaurant. Ready? Here we go.
Jaehwi: You’ve called a food delivery restaurant and you want to greet the staff. What should you say when they answer?
Jaehwi: 여보세요.
Jaehwi: You want to order chicken with spicy sauce or 양념치킨. How do you order that?
Jaehwi: 양념치킨 가져다 주세요.
Jaehwi: Great job!
Jaehwi: 여보세요.
Jaehwi: 양념치킨 가져다 주세요.


Jaehwi: 잘 했어요! Now, watch the scene one more time. After that, you'll be ready to order food over the phone in Korea! 안녕히 계세요!
점원 (Staff): 여보세요., 종로 치킨입니다.
마크 (Mark): 아 여보세요. 배달되나요?
점원 (Staff): 네 됩니다.
마크 (Mark): 그럼 양념치킨 한 마리 가져다 주세요.
점원 (Staff): 양념 하나요?
마크 (Mark): 네.
점원 (Staff): 주소 말씀해주세요.
마크 (Mark): 하나오피스텔 304호요.
점원 (Staff): 하나오피스텔 304호요? 알겠습니다.