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Lesson Transcript

안녕하세요 여러분. Koreanclass101.com 하나하나 한글시리즈의 에이미입니다. Hi everybody! I’m Amy and welcome to Hana Hana Hangul on KoreanClass101.com - The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Hangul, the Korean alphabet.
In the last lesson, we learned these three consonants. Only three more basic characters left, and we’ll learn them all in this lesson!
All three of today’s characters are related in shape and in sound. We’ll start with the simplest one.
It’s pronounced ㅅ[s], and you can think of the shape like an upside down See-saw.
Here’s a short sentence which means “I buy.” 사요.[sa-yo] You can make this sentence more complex by putting a noun in front of it! So, 노트 is “note.” “I buy notes.” would be 노트 사요.
“우유” means “milk”. So “I buy milk.” would be 우유 사요”
We’ll learn some new nouns in this lesson that we can put into this pattern.
The next character is like ㅈ[j] with a line at the top. And it’s pronounced J or ch.
You might see this character written this way (ㅈ) depending on which typeface is used, so be ready for it!
Now you can write “lion” in Korean: 사자[sa-ja].
To write the last basic character you’ll need to learn, just add another stroke on top of the ㅈ[j/z]. This is pronounced ㅊ[ch].
Here’s “car” in Korean. 차[cha]
And here’s cheese: 치즈[chi-jeu].
We can combine 치즈 with the sentence we learned earlier, 사요. To make 치즈 사요. [chi-jeu sa-yo.] I buy cheese.
What else can you buy?
모자 사요. [mo-ja sa-yo.] I buy a hat.
차 사요. [cha sa-yo.] I buy a car.
바지 사요. [ba-ji sa-yo.] I buy pants.
치마 사요. [chi-ma sa-yo.] I buy a skirt.
You’ve learned all the basic characters, but there are more characters to learn in Hangul.
You’ve got all the raw materials, but you can still learn more about putting things together.
Don’t worry, you’ve made it this far, so just stick with me a few more lessons and you’ll know everything there is to know about Hangul!
In the next lesson, we’ll do a thorough review of the last six lessons and smooth out any problems you may be having. See you next time! 여러분 다음에 만나요