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Did you know that Pepero Day is the sweetest celebration of the year for Koreans aside from Valentine’s Day?
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Hi everyone! I’m Sophie.
And I’m Alisha.
In this lesson, you’ll learn all about Pepero Day.
Pepero Day is an unofficial holiday in South Korea, celebrated by exchanging boxes of Peperos.
Pepero is a chocolate covered cookie stick that is long and slim. These cookies look similar to the number 1, which is why they made the 11th of November Pepero Day in South Korea.
On this day, friends and couples give each other Pepero.
In this video, you'll learn what Pepero day is and how to celebrate it, the different flavors of pepero, and finally how to say "Happy Pepero Day" in Korean.
First, what is Pepero Day?
Korean Pepero Day is
빼빼로 데이 (ppaeppaero dei)
[SLOW] 빼빼로 데이 (ppaeppaero dei)
빼빼로 데이 (ppaeppaero dei)
It started back in the 1980s as a habit among school girls in Busan. Girls used to exchange boxes of Peperos wishing that they both would stay thin while also teasing by saying
살 좀 빼자 (sal jom ppaeja)
which means "Let’s lose some weight" in English.
[SLOW] 살 좀 빼자 (sal jom ppaeja)
살 좀 빼자 (sal jom ppaeja)
When the company that sells Pepero in South Korea—Lotte Confectionery— found about this habit, they took the idea and started promoting Pepero Day.
No one really knows if this story is true.
Nonetheless, South Korea has celebrated Pepero Day for many years now and everyone loves it!
Now that you have an idea of what started Pepero Day, let’s start practicing Korean about Pepero.
Here are a few examples:
11월 11일은 ‘빼빼로데이’ 입니다.
(sibirwolwol sibirileun ‘ppyaeppaerodei’ imnida.)
"11th of November is ‘Pepero Day’."
[SLOW] 11월 11일은 ‘빼빼로데이’ 입니다.
11월 11일은 ‘빼빼로데이’ 입니다.
이 날은 사람들이 빼빼로를 삽니다.
(i nareun saramdeuri ppaeppaeroreul saseo.)
"People buy Pepero on this day."
[SLOW] 이 날은 사람들이 빼빼로를 삽니다.
이 날은 사람들이 빼빼로를 삽니다.
빼빼로 데이에 사람들은 빼빼로를 선물로 줍니다.
(Ppaeppaero deie saramdeureun ppaeppaeroreul seonmullo jumnida.)
"On Pepero Day, people give Pepero as a present to the other people and eat it."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 데이에 사람들은 빼빼로를 선물로 줍니다.
빼빼로 데이에 사람들은 빼빼로를 선물로 줍니다.
Now let’s see what to do on Pepero Day.
Pepero Day is more than just sharing a box of Pepero with your friends. It’s also about showing appreciation and having fun with the people you love.
There are different ways of practicing Pepero Day, depending on your age.
Children, for example, can give Pepero to their friends, teachers, and family members.
It’s similar to Valentine's Day where children give and receive Pepero just for the sake of exchanging sweets.
For teenagers, Pepero Day is also like Valentine's Day, where people confess their love for each other or show their appreciation for their loved ones.
Since Pepero day is a highly commercialized day in Korea, many stores sell Pepero and other cheaper brands of the same type of cookie in bulk.
There are also large displays of Pepero and similar snacks at supermarkets on the days leading up to Pepero Day.
Other venues try to cash in on this day as well. Bakeries, for example, will sell long loaves of bread covered in chocolate to make it look like a Pepero.
It’s up to you how you want to purchase your Peperos - whether through the store, bakeries or online. Once you have them with you, you simply give one to a friend. On the package there is also a small space for you to write a short message.
Here are more Korean sample sentences about Pepero Day that you can practice:
빼빼로 데이에는 많은 사람들이 빼빼로를 주고 받습니다.
(Ppaeppaero deieneun maneun saramdeuri ppaeppaeroreul jugo batsseumnida.)
"A lot of people exchange Pepero on Pepero Day."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 데이에는 많은 사람들이 빼빼로를 주고 받습니다.
빼빼로 데이에는 많은 사람들이 빼빼로를 주고 받습니다.
빼빼로 상자 위에 감사의 편지를 쓸 수 있습니다.
(ppaeppaero sangja wie gamsaui pyeonjireul sseul su itseumnida.)
"You can write a ‘Thank you’ letter on top of a Pepero box."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 상자 위에 감사의 편지를 쓸 수 있습니다.
빼빼로 상자 위에 감사의 편지를 쓸 수 있습니다.
사랑을 고백하고 싶으면 빼빼로를 주세요.
(Sarangeul gobaekago sipeumyeon ppaeppaeroreul juseyo.)
"If you want to confess your love, give Pepero."
[SLOW] 사랑을 고백하고 싶으면 빼빼로를 주세요.
사랑을 고백하고 싶으면 빼빼로를 주세요.
Now let’s talk about the most exciting part! The different flavors of Pepero!
There are many flavors of Pepero in South Korean and they usually come in two sizes - thin Pepero or big Pepero.
Let’s see the top 5 favorite Pepero flavors!
초코 빼빼로 (choko ppaeppaero)
"Original Chocolate Pepero"
[SLOW] 초코 빼빼로 (choko ppaeppaero)
초코 빼빼로 (choko ppaeppaero)
This is the classic Pepero that was introduced in April of 1983. It is the symbol of Pepero as we know it today.
아몬드 빼빼로 (amondeu ppaeppaero)
"Almond Pepero"
[SLOW] 아몬드 빼빼로 (amondeu ppaeppaero)
아몬드 빼빼로 (amondeu ppaeppaero)
If you love almonds, this is the one for you. But there are only nine sticks inside the package, so you might need to buy more to satisfy yourself and your loved ones!
코코넛 빼빼로 (kokoneot ppaeppaero)
Chocolate Coconut Pepero
[SLOW] 코코넛 빼빼로 (kokoneot ppaeppaero)
코코넛 빼빼로 (kokoneot ppaeppaero)
This Pepero is covered in coconut chips. It’s loved by many coconut lovers in South Korea.
누드 빼빼로 (nudeu ppaeppaero)
Nude Pepero
[SLOW] 누드 빼빼로 (nudeu ppaeppaero)
누드 빼빼로 (nudeu ppaeppaero)
The Nude Pepero is the reverse of the classical one. This time the chocolate is inside and the cookie is outside!
다크 빼빼로 (dakeu ppaeppaero)
Dark Pepero
[SLOW] 다크 빼빼로 (dakeu ppaeppaero)
다크 빼빼로 (dakeu ppaeppaero)
For dark chocolate lovers. The cookie stick on this Pepero flavor is even darker than the others.
Let’s practice more Korean about Pepero Day:
빼빼로데이에는 여러 종류의 빼빼로를 맛 볼 수 있습니다.
(ppaeppaero deieneun yeoreo jongnyuui ppaeppaeroreul mat bol su itseumnida.)
"You can taste different kinds of Peperos on Pepero day."
[SLOW] 빼빼로데이에는 여러 종류의 빼빼로를 맛 볼 수 있습니다.
빼빼로데이에는 여러 종류의 빼빼로를 맛 볼 수 있습니다.
빼빼로 데이에 가장 인기있는 빼빼로는 초콜릿 맛 빼빼로입니다.
(Ppaeppaero deie gajang ingiinneun ppaeppaeroneun chokollit mat ppaeppaeroimnida.)
"The most popular Pepero on Pepero Day is the chocolate flavored Pepero."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 데이에 가장 인기있는 빼빼로는 초콜릿 맛 빼빼로입니다.
빼빼로 데이에 가장 인기있는 빼빼로는 초콜릿 맛 빼빼로입니다.
Next, let’s look at a few different ways to celebrate Pepero Day.
If you want to be extra sweet, you can create your own Pepero for the people you love.
If you think it’s time-consuming and challenging, you can always purchase DIY Pepero kits online and have them delivered to your place.
Here is a sample sentence about DIY Pepero:
많은 여성 분들이 빼빼로를 직접 만들어 선물합니다.
(maneun yeoseong bundeuri ppaeppaeroreul jikjeop mandeureo seonmulhamnida.)
"Many women make their own Pepero and give it out as gifts."
[SLOW] 많은 여성 분들이 빼빼로를 직접 만들어 선물합니다.
많은 여성 분들이 빼빼로를 직접 만들어 선물합니다.
Another alternative way to celebrate is known as
돈 빼빼로 (donppaeppaero)
"Money Pepero"
[SLOW] 돈 빼빼로 (donppaeppaero)
돈 빼빼로 (donppaeppaero)
You can make a "money Pepero" by rolling up cash to resemble sticks and then putting them in a real Pepero box. This is perfect for someone who is very health-conscious or can’t eat sweets.
Yes, it’s going to cost you some cash obviously but we can guarantee that the person who will receive it will surely love it!
Here is a sample sentence:
빼빼로 대신 돈을 주는 사람도 있습니다.
(ppaeppaero daesin doneul juneun saramdo itseumnida.)
"There are people who give money instead of Pepero."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 대신 돈을 주는 사람도 있습니다.
빼빼로 대신 돈을 주는 사람도 있습니다.
Actually November 11 is also
가래떡 데이 (garaetteok dei)
"Korean Rice Cake Day."
[SLOW] 가래떡 데이
가래떡 데이
Instead of Pepero, you can gift long cylindrical rice cakes such as
떡꼬치 (Tteokkkochi)
"Spicy Fried Korean Rice Cake Sticks,"
[SLOW] 떡꼬치 (Tteokkkochi)
떡꼬치 (Tteokkkochi)
떡볶이 (Tteok-bokki)
"stir-fried rice cakes."
[SLOW] 떡볶이 (Tteok-bokki)
떡볶이 (Tteok-bokki)
It’s a great way to appreciate the tradition and celebrate Korean rice cake day on November 11.
Here is a sample sentence:
이날은 가래떡을 사람들에게 나눠주는 날입니다.
(inareun garaetteogeul saramdeurege nanwojuneun narimnida.)
"On this day, people give out Korean rice cakes."
[SLOW] 이날은 가래떡을 사람들에게 나눠주는 날입니다.
이날은 가래떡을 사람들에게 나눠주는 날입니다.
You can celebrate Pepero Day with Pepero Games as well! The game is very simple. Think of the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp. The Pepero game is very similar to this.
It's called the "Pepero kiss game" where two people need to eat a Pepero together to make the shortest possible leftover in the middle.
To win, you need to have the shortest Pepero stick possible compared to other groups. Sounds fun, right?!
And now let’s see how to Say "Happy Pepero Day".
If you can’t come up with a personal message to write on your Pepero boxes before giving them to your loved ones, don’t worry! We got you covered!
Here are a number of Pepero Day quotes in Korean:
빼빼로데이 축하해요!
(ppaeppaerodei chukahaeyo!)
"Happy Pepero Day!"
[SLOW] 빼빼로데이 축하해요!
빼빼로데이 축하해요!
맛있는 빼빼로 먹고 행복 가득한 하루보내세요.
(masinneun ppaeppaero meokgo haengbok gadeukan harubonaeseyo.)
"Please eat these delicious Pepero and have a day full of happiness."
[SLOW] 맛있는 빼빼로 먹고 행복 가득한 하루보내세요.
맛있는 빼빼로 먹고 행복 가득한 하루보내세요.
빼빼로 처럼 길~게 사랑하자!
ppaeppaero cheoreom gil~ge saranghaja!
"Let's be together for a long time like these Pepero sticks."
[SLOW] 빼빼로 처럼 길~게 사랑하자!
빼빼로 처럼 길~게 사랑하자!
In this lesson, you learned the origins of Pepero Day, what you can do on this special day, the best Pepero flavors in Korea, the different ways of celebrating Pepero Day, and how to say "Happy Pepero Day" in Korean.
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