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I’m so excited to share with you our lesson for today. We’re going to talk about blood type personalities in Korea!
Do you know why blood type A women shouldn't marry blood type B men in Korea?
Though it’s not scientifically proven, Koreans believe that each blood type has its own unique personality. If you have a Korean friend, you’ve probably been asked about your blood type. We do this to find out compatibility during blind dates or when we want to get to know someone better.
In this video, I’ll tell you more about the personality of each blood type and their compatibility with each other, plus the blood types of Korean celebrities. So make sure you watch until the end!
Now, let’s get started!
Let’s start with A형, which means Blood Type A.
People with blood type A are known to be diplomatic and friendly. However, they are also sensitive and prefer to be alone rather than joining a group. This means they don’t like being in crowded areas or parties. They’re also fragile-hearted and get hurt easily.
People with blood type A aren’t very good at expressing themselves compared to other blood types, such as type B and O. They’re not snobs though—they just like to hide their feelings more.
If you meet someone with blood type A, be patient, because it’s said that when they meet new people, it takes time for them to be comfortable and open themselves up more. As you slowly get to know them, you’ll find how friendly and down-to-earth these people are. In addition to this, they’re also known to be punctual and they always aim for the best results in everything they do. This is sometimes mistaken by people as perfectionism.
In Korean, we describe the Blood Type A Personality like this:
성실하다 (seong-sil-ha-da)
“to be earnest”
[SLOW] 성실하다
[NORMAL] 성실하다
신중하다 (sin-jung-ha-da)
“to be cautious”
[SLOW] 신중하다
[NORMAL] 신중하다
고집이 세다 (go-ji-bi se-da)
“to be stubborn”
[SLOW] 고집이 세다
[NORMAL] 고집이 세다
예민하다 (ye-min-ha-da)
“to be sensitive”
[SLOW] 신중하다
[NORMAL] 신중하다
Here’s a sample sentence:
A형은 성실하고 예민해요.
e-i-hyeong-eun seong-sil-ha-go ye-min-he-yo.
“People with type A blood are earnest and sensitive.”
[SLOW] A형은 성실하고 예민해요.
[NORMAL] A형은 성실하고 예민해요.
Now let’s see the compatibility.
Blood type A people get on well with type O, followed by A.
The worst match is with type B.
Blood type A Korean celebrities are:
나연 (Nayeon) from TWICE
정국 (Jungkook) from BTS
아이린 (Irene) from Red Velvet
찬열 (Chanyeol) from EXO
Now, let’s see B형, which means Blood Type B.
According to the Korean blood type personality chart, blood type B people are independent, passionate about their dreams and aspirations, always like to stimulate their minds, and love to express their opinion. They are sometimes perceived as self-centered, because they don’t seem to take other people’s feelings into consideration.
We usually believe that men with blood type B are playboys and don’t know how to make their relationships last…but don’t despair, if you’re a man with blood type B! Luckily, blood type B personalities are also known for being honest, curios, and loving to be at the center of attention.
This means that finding a friend for type B is as easy as pie!
In Korean, we describe Blood Type B Personality like this:
창의적이다 (chang-ui-jeo-gi-da)
“to be creative”
[SLOW] 창의적이다
[NORMAL] 창의적이다
낙관적이다 (nak-gwan-jeo-gi-da)
“to be optimistic”
[SLOW] 낙관적이다
[NORMAL] 낙관적이다
이기적이다 (i-gi-jeo-gi-da)
“to be selfish”
[SLOW] 이기적이다
[NORMAL] 이기적이다
무책임하다 (mu-chae-gim-ha-da)
“to be irresponsible”
[SLOW] 무책임하다
[NORMAL] 무책임하다
Here’s a sample sentence:
B형은 창의적이고 낙관적이에요.
“People with blood type B are creative and optimistic.”
[SLOW] B형은 창의적이고 낙관적이에요.
[NORMAL] B형은 창의적이고 낙관적이에요.
Now let’s see the compatibility.
Blood type B people get on well with type AB, followed by O.
The worst match is A.
Blood type B Korean celebrities are:
손나은 (Son Na-eun) from Apink
시우민 (Xiumin) from EXO
탑 (T.O.P) from BIGBANG
강승윤 (Kang Seung-yoon) from WINNER
Next is O형, which means Blood Type O.
People with blood type O are known to be energetic, practical, and friendly. They are also known to be natural leaders and to express their opinions constructively. They are always in control of their emotions.
Their personality may be strong, but deep inside they are very sensitive. They aren’t as expressive because they’re afraid to be rejected and they hate themselves when they don’t do things perfectly.
In Korean, we describe Blood Type O Personality like this:
외향적이다 (oe-hyang-jeo-gi-da)
“to be outgoing”
[SLOW] 외향적이다
[NORMAL] 외향적이다
타고난 리더이다 (ta-go-nan ri-deo-i-da)
“to be a natural leader”
[SLOW] 타고난 리더이다
[NORMAL] 타고난 리더이다
거만하다 (geo-man-ha-da)
“to be arrogant”
[SLOW] 거만하다
[NORMAL] 거만하다
질투심이 많다 (jul-tu-si-mi man-ta)
“to be jealous”
[SLOW] 질투심이 많다
[NORMAL] 질투심이 많다
Here’s a sample sentence:
O형은 외향적이고 타고난 리더예요.
O-hyeong-eun-chang-ui-jeo-gi-go-ta-go-nan ri-deo-ye-yo.
“People with type O are outgoing and natural leaders.”
[SLOW] O형은 외향적이고 타고난 리더예요.
[NORMAL] O형은 외향적이고 타고난 리더예요.
Now let’s see the compatibility.
Blood type O people get on well with type A, followed by B.
The worst match is AB.
Blood type O Korean celebrities are:
화사 (Hwa Sa) from MAMAMOO
주이 (JooE) from MOMOLAND
잭슨 (Jackson) from GOT7
Now, let’s see AB형, which means Blood Type AB.
People with blood type AB are believed to be a genius or a psycho!
They love to be spontaneous. You’ll see them doing one thing now, and then jump to another activity later on. Since this blood type is a mixture of type A and B, their mood changes really quick. They find it hard to control their emotions.
All situations must be rational for a person with blood type AB. Their moody attitude—sometimes mistaken as being two-faced—makes it difficult for them to meet new friends.
In Korean, we describe Blood Type AB Personality like this:
합리적이다 (ham-ni-jeo-gi-da)
“to be rational”
[SLOW] 합리적이다
[NORMAL] 합리적이다
재능이 있다 (jae-neung-i i-tta)
“to be talented”
[SLOW] 재능이 있다
[NORMAL] 재능이 있다
비판적이다 (bi-pan-jeo-gi-da)
“to be critical”
[SLOW] 비판적이다
[NORMAL] 비판적이다
별나다 (byeol-na-da)
“to be eccentric”
[SLOW] 별나다
[NORMAL] 별나다
Here’s a sample sentence:
AB형은 합리적이고 재능이 있어요.
jae-neung-i it-eo-yo.
“People with type AB are rational and talented.”
[SLOW] AB형은 합리적이고 재능이 있어요.
[NORMAL] AB형은 합리적이고 재능이 있어요.
Now let’s see the compatibility.
Blood type AB people get on well with the same type, AB, followed by B.
The worst match is O.
Blood type AB Korean celebrities are:
뷔 (V) from BTS
차은우 (Cha Eun-woo) from Astro
택연 (Ok Taecyeon) from 2PM
박봄 (Park Bom) from 2NE1
Now that you know about the blood type personalities, it’s time to learn a few useful Korean sentences. If you want to know your friend’s blood type, you can use this line:
혈액형이 뭐야? (hyeo-raek-hyeong-i mwo-ya?)
which is the informal way to ask “What’s your blood type?”
[SLOW] 혈액형이 뭐야?
[NORMAL] 혈액형이 뭐야?
The polite way is 혈액형이 뭐예요? (hyeo-raek-hyeong-i mwo-ye-ya?)
[SLOW] 혈액형이 뭐예요?
[NORMAL] 혈액형이 뭐예요?
The formal way is 혈액형이 어떻게 되세요? (hyeo-raek-hyeong-i eo-tteo-ke doe-se-yo?)
[SLOW] 혈액형이 어떻게 되세요?
[NORMAL] 혈액형이 어떻게 되세요?
Here’s how to reply to that:
[blood type name] 형이야. (___hyeong-i-ya)
This is an informal way to say it.
[SLOW] [blood type name] 형이야.
[NORMAL] [blood type name] 형이야.
[blood type name] 형이에요. (___hyeong-i-e-yo)
This is a standard form in which to say it.
[SLOW] [blood type name] 형이에요.
[NORMAL] [blood type name] 형이에요.
[blood type name] 형입니다. (___hyeong-im-ni-da)
This is a formal way to say it.
[SLOW] [blood type name] 형입니다.
[NORMAL] [blood type name] 형입니다.
For example:
A: 방탄소년단 RM의 혈액형은 뭐예요?
Bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan RM-ui hyeo-raek-hyeong-i mwo-ye-yo?
A: “What’s the blood type of RM from BTS?”
[SLOW] 방탄소년단 RM의 혈액형은 뭐예요?
[NORMAL] 방탄소년단 RM의 혈액형은 뭐예요?
B: O형이에요.
B: “It’s O.”
[SLOW] O형이에요.
[NORMAL] O형이에요.
Learning about blood type beliefs is so fun and interesting, right? KoreanClass101.com would like to help you learn a lot more, this time about your own blood type and the Korean adjectives that best describe your personality! You can download the vocabulary list we prepared for you, which is available online, as well as the ultimate K-pop guide if you’re into K-pop. You’ll be able to learn interesting facts about your favorite K-pop stars! You can download them all for free!
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I hope you learned a lot in today’s lesson. If you’re ever not sure or want to ask anything related to the Korean language, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll help you out as best as we can!
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