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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! I’m Alisha.
Welcome to Conversational Phrases!
We’ve found that the best way to learn a language is to speak it from day one! And the best way to start speaking is to learn phrases that you’ll use in real conversations.
In this lesson, we’ll learn conversational phrases to answer the question “How's your mother?” After watching this video, you’ll be able to talk about well-being and ask how someone is doing.
Now, let’s take a look at some conversational phrases!
Listen to the dialogue.
어머니는 어떠셔? (Eomeonineun eotteosyeo?)
어머니는 괜찮으셔. (Eomeonineun gwaenchaneusyeo.)
Once more with the English translation.
어머니는 어떠셔? (Eomeonineun eotteosyeo?)
“How's your mother?”
어머니는 괜찮으셔. (Eomeonineun gwaenchaneusyeo.)
“She's fine.”
First of all you'll need to learn how to say “How's your mother?”
That's: 어머니는 어떠셔? (Eomeonineun eotteosyeo?)
Listen to it again: 어머니는 어떠셔? (Eomeonineun eotteosyeo?), 어머니는 어떠셔? (Eomeonineun eotteosyeo?)
“How's your mother?”
Now, how do you answer this question?
The pattern is:
어머니는 {state of well-being}. (Eomeonineun {state of well-being}.)
This Korean sentence literally translates as “My mother is [state of well-being]."
But it means “She’s [state of well-being].” in English.
For example:
“She's fine.”
어머니는 괜찮으셔. (Eomeonineun gwaenchaneusyeo.), 어머니는 괜찮으셔. (Eomeonineun gwaenchaneusyeo.)


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Can you tell us how your mother is in Korean?

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Wednesday at 03:49 PM
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Hi 타나,

Thank you for posting. ~으시다 is the most polite form. So it would be:

괜찮으시다. (with a polite sentence ending)

괜찮으셔? (politely referring to one's mom in informal speech)

어머니는 괜찮으십니다.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Tuesday at 04:26 AM
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어머니는 괜찮으습니다. 맞았습니까? What level of formality is 괜찮으셔?