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Lesson Transcript

Let's review the key vocabulary.
선선하다 (seon-seon-ha-da) "to be cool," as in the temperature. 선선하다. 선선하다
선선하죠? (seon-seon-ha-jyo?) "cool, right?" 선선하죠?. 선선하죠?
따뜻하다 (tta-tteut-a-da) "warm" 따뜻하다. 따뜻하다.
따뜻하죠? (tta-tteut-a-jyo?) "warm, right?" 따뜻하죠?. 따뜻하죠?
날씨(nal-ssi), "weather." 날씨(nal-ssi). 날씨(nal-ssi).
좋다(jo-ta), "nice." 좋다(jo-ta). 좋다(jo-ta).
Let's review.
Respond to the prompts by speaking aloud.
Then repeat after me, focusing on pronunciation.
Do you remember how to say "today?"
오늘 (o-neul).
오늘 (o-neul).
Do you remember how Karen says,
"It's hot today, right?"
오늘 덥죠? (O-neul deop-jyo?)
오늘 덥죠? (O-neul deop-jyo?)
Do you remember how to say, "yes?"
네 (ne)
Do you remember how Da-yeon Bak says,
"Yes, that's right."
네, 그렇네요. (Ne, geu-reon-ne-yo.)
네, 그렇네요.(Ne, geu-reon-ne-yo.)
Do you remember how to say,
"Cold, right?"
춥죠? (chup-jyo?)
춥죠? (chup-jyo?)
And how to say, "weather?"
날씨 (nal-ssi)
Do you remember how to say, "nice, right?"
좋죠? (jo-chyo?)