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Lesson Transcript

Let's look at some examples of people giving their phone numbers.
Listen and repeat or speak along with the native speakers.
제 전화번호는 010-0123-4567 (공일공 공일이삼 사오육칠)이에요. (Je jeon-hwa-beon-ho-neun gong-il-gong gong-il-i-sam sa-o-yuk-chil-i-e-yo.)
제 전화번호는 02-0123-9876 (공이 공일이삼 구팔칠육)이에요.
(Je jeon-hwa-beon-ho-neun gong-i gong-il-i-sam gu-pal-chil-yuk-i-e-yo.)
제 전화번호는 010-0703-9004 (공일공 공칠공삼 구공공사)예요. (Je jeon-hwa-beon-ho-neun gong-il-gong gong-chil-gong-sam gu-gong-gong-sa-ye-yo.)
제 전화번호는 02-0101-3434 (공이 공일공일 삼사삼사)예요. (Je jeon-hwa-beon-ho-neun gong-i gong-il-gong-il sam-sa-sam-sa-ye-yo.)
010-0789-6543 (공일공 공칠팔구 육오사삼)이에요. (Gong-il-gong gong-chil-pal-gu yuk-o-sa-sam-i-e-yo.)
Did you notice I omitted 제 전화번호는 (Je jeon-hwa-beon-ho-neun)?
010-0789-6543 (공일공 공칠팔구 육오사삼)이에요. (Gong-il-gong gong-chil-pal-gu yuk-o-sa-sam-i-e-yo.)
"It's 010-0789-6543."
When directly responding to a request, it's often possible to omit part of the response.
Here by simply giving your phone number, there's no need to include 제 전화번호는
"As for my phone number…"
This pattern is
{PHONE NUMBER}이에요 (i-e-yo).
You should be aware of this shortcut, but for this lesson, we'll use the pattern
제 전화번호는 {PHONE NUMBER}이에요 (i-e-yo).
My phone number is {PHONE NUMBER}.
제 전화번호는 {PHONE NUMBER}이에요 (i-e-yo).