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Lesson Transcript

Miseon: 안녕하세요, 여러분. KoreanClass101.com입니다.
Hyunwoo: Hyunwoo here. Beginner Season 5, Lesson #13. Even If You Fly, You Might Still Be Late in Korea.
Miseon: Hello everyone. I am Miseon and welcome to KoreanClass101.com.
Hyunwoo: With us, you will learn to speak Korean with fun and effective lessons.
Miseon: We also provide you with cultural insights
Hyunwoo: And tips you won’t find in a textbook. 미선씨.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: We have a very exciting lesson today too.
Miseon: Oh my god and I can’t wait 예, 맞아요.
Hyunwoo: 네. So what are we going to learn in this lesson?
Miseon: In this lesson, we learn how to say Even If in Korean.
Hyunwoo: And this conversation takes place where?
Miseon: On the phone.
Hyunwoo: And the conversation is between
Miseon: 정수 and 미현. They are supposed to go see a performance together but 미현 is running late.
Hyunwoo: And the speakers are friends.
Miseon: 네. Therefore the speakers are speaking intimate language. 반말로 해요.
Hyunwoo: 네. Now if you are listening on an iPod
Miseon: Or an iTouch or iPhone
Hyunwoo: Click the center button of the iPod or tap the screen on an iTouch or iPhone to see the notes for this lesson while you listen.
Miseon: Read along while you listen.
Hyunwoo: This technique will help you remember faster. Okay let’s listen to the 대화.
Miseon: 네.
정수: 미현아, 지금 어디야?
미현: 정수야! 미안해. 아직 강남이야!
정수: 뭐? 신촌에 도착하면 몇 시야?
미현: 아마 1시간 정도 걸릴 것 같아.
정수: 공연이 10분 뒤에 시작하니까, 지금 온다고 해도 늦을 거야.
미현: 진짜? 택시 타고 갈까?
정수: 아니야. 택시 타고 온다고 해도 40분 걸릴 거야.
미현: 그럼 어떻게 해?
정수: 그냥... 오지 마.
미현: 뭐?
정수: 온다고 해도 ... 늦으니까 ...
미현: 그래서, 공연 혼자 볼 거야?
정수: 나 들어간다. 안녕!
미현: 야! 정수야!
jeongsu: mihyeon-a, jigeum eodi-ya?
mihyeon: jeongsu-ya! mianhae. ajik gangnam-iya!
jeongsu: mwo? sinchon-e dochakhamyeon myeot si-ya?
mihyeon: ama han sigan jeongdo geollil geot gata.
jeongsu: gong-yeon-i sip bun dwi-e sijakhanikka, jigeum ondago haedo neujeul geo-ya.
mihyeon: jinjja? taeksi tago galkka?
jeongsu: aniya. taeksi tago ondago haedo sasip-bun geollil geo-ya.
mihyeon: geureom eotteoke hae?
jeongsu: geunyang... oji ma.
mihyeon: mwo?
jeongsu: ondago haedo... neujeunikka...
mihyeon: geuraeseo, gong-yeon honja bol geo-ya?
jeongsu: na deureoganda. annyeong!
mihyeon: ya! jeong-su-ya!
Jeongsu: Mihyeon, where are you now?
Mihyeon: Jeongsu! I'm sorry. I'm still in Gangnam.
Jeongsu: What? What time will it be when you arrive in Sinchon?
Mihyeon: I think it'll take about one hour.
Jeongsu: The performance starts in ten minutes, so even if you come now, it'll be late.
Mihyeon: Really? Should I take a taxi?
Jeongsu: No...even if you take a taxi, it'll take forty minutes.
Mihyeon: Then what should I do?
Jeongsu: Just...don't come.
Mihyeon: What?
Jeongsu: Because...even if you were to come now, it would be late.
Mihyeon: So you're going to watch the performance alone?
Jeongsu: I'm going in. Bye!
Mihyeon: Hey, Jeongsu!
Hyunwoo: 미선씨.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: What would you do if you are in 정수’s shoes, would you wait for 미현 or…
Miseon: Well I usually leave the ticket in the ticket booth for my you know friend who is late like more than 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
Hyunwoo: I see.
Miseon: Yeah but I don’t want to wait for my friends all the time. So I just want to go in…
Hyunwoo: Right.
Miseon: For performance. What about you?
Hyunwoo: Well I never thought about the possibility of leaving the ticket at the ticket booth but I think what 정수 really wanted to do was watching the performance and not necessarily spending time with 미현.
Miseon: That’s true yeah.
Hyunwoo: So I think if it’s someone that I want to spend time with, I would just give up watching the show and just wait.
Miseon: But what if it’s an expensive ticket?
Hyunwoo: Uh-oh!
Miseon: 예.
Hyunwoo: I forgot about that for a second. May be it will depend on how much the tickets cost.
Miseon: You sure?
Hyunwoo: Just kidding but talking about the price of the tickets, do you think the performances that you can watch in theaters are expensive in Korea?
Miseon: Well they are not cheap, right? But I don’t think they are too expensive compared to other countries.
Hyunwoo: Yeah I don’t think so either. A very good musical will be between 30, 50 or up to $70. So I don’t think it’s too bad.
Miseon: 네. And if the performance is really, really good quality, you can’t complain.
Hyunwoo: I think so. You are right. So why don’t we have a look at the vocab now?
Miseon: 네, 갑시다.
Hyunwoo: 네. 첫 번째로
Miseon: 아직
Hyunwoo: Not yet, still.
Miseon: 아직 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 아직 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Next
Miseon: 도착하다
Hyunwoo: To arrive.
Miseon: 도착하다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 도착하다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 걸리다
Hyunwoo: To take time.
Miseon: 걸리다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 걸리다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 시작하다
Hyunwoo: To begin, to start.
Miseon: 시작하다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 시작하다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 늦다
Hyunwoo: To be late.
Miseon: 늦다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 늦다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 공연
Hyunwoo: Performance, show.
Miseon: 공연 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 공연 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Next
Miseon: 혼자
Hyunwoo: Alone, by oneself.
Miseon: 혼자 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 혼자 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 들어가다
Hyunwoo: To enter, to go into.
Miseon: 들어가다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 들어가다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: All right. Now let’s have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson. 첫 번째로
Miseon: 아직
Hyunwoo: Still, not yet.
Miseon: 아직 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 아직 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: You know in English, still and not yet are usually used in separate context but in Korean, this single word 아직 is used for both still and not yet.
Miseon: 네, 맞아요. I think it’s best if we look at some examples.
Hyunwoo: You are right indeed. So…
Miseon: Please.
Hyunwoo: How do you say, are you still here?
Miseon: 아직 여기 있어요?
Hyunwoo: And how do you say, you didn’t leave yet?
Miseon: 아직 안 갔어요?
Hyunwoo: As you can see, 아직 is used for both the meaning of still and the meaning of not yet in Korean. With that in mind, what is the next word we are looking at?
Miseon: Okay next word is 공연.
Hyunwoo: Performance.
Miseon: 공연 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 공연 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: And what kind of performances are there? Can we name a few types in Korea?
Miseon: Sure. One thing is 연극.
Hyunwoo: Play.
Miseon: 네. Another one is 뮤지컬.
Hyunwoo: Which is musical.
Miseon: 네. And another one is 음악회 or 콘서트.
Hyunwoo: 음악회 or 콘서트, which is concert.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: 음악 means music, 회 means an event. So 음악회 is the same thing as 콘서트.
Miseon: 네, 맞아요.

Lesson focus

Hyunwoo: Okay. On to the grammar point. What is the grammar point of this lesson?
Miseon: The grammar point of this lesson is how to say Even If in Korean.
Hyunwoo: As in the example.
Miseon: 지금 출발한다고 해도 늦을 거야.
Hyunwoo: Even if you were to leave now, you would be late.
Miseon: 예. When you want to say, even if you do something or even if something happens, you can use this structure 다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: Yeah the part 도 at the end of the verb stem has the meaning of even if on its own but combined with 다고 하다 the nuance of even if is amplified.
Miseon: 네. 다고 하다 literally means to say that
Hyunwoo: Yeah so the entire structure 다고 해도 means even if you say or even if they say.
Miseon: And this is a little bit clearer and stronger than just saying something, something 도.
Hyunwoo: So let’s look at how you can use it in the sentence.
Miseon: Well the usage for this ending can be divided into two.
Hyunwoo: All right. How?
Miseon: For actual verbs, you add ㄴ다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: And
Miseon: And for descriptive verbs, you add just 다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: I see. Without the 는 part, right?
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: So it’s not entirely different?
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: So let’s look at some examples. Shall we?
Miseon: 네. Sure for example, 가다 becomes 간다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: Even if you go.
Miseon: And 먹다 becomes 먹는다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: Even if you eat.
Miseon: And if you look at a descriptive verb
Hyunwoo: Oh how about 예쁘다 my favorite word.
Miseon: 예, 맞아요. 미선이는 예뻐요.
Hyunwoo: 네, 미선씨는 예뻐요.
Miseon: 네, 감사합니다. 예쁘다 becomes 예쁘다고 해도.
Hyunwoo: Great. So how was this structure used in the dialogue for this lesson?
Miseon: 지금 온다고 해도 늦을 거야.
Hyunwoo: Even if you come now, it will be late.
Miseon: 택시 타고 온다고 해도 40분 걸릴 거야.
Hyunwoo: Even if you take a taxi, it will take 40 minutes.
Miseon: 온다고 해도 늦으니까 ...
Hyunwoo: Because even if you were to come now, it would be late. Great, now let’s look at some more sample sentences.
Miseon: 네, 좋습니다.
Hyunwoo: So 미선씨 how do you say even if it rains tomorrow, I will still go.
Miseon: 내일 비가 온다고 해도 나는 갈 거야.
Hyunwoo: 어디예요?
Miseon: 공원에요.
Hyunwoo: What are you going to do on a rainy day in the park?
Miseon: I don’t know. Don’t ask me.
Hyunwoo: I hope it’s just a sample sentence. Otherwise I am suspicious.
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: How about even if you were to help me it would take a long time.
Miseon: 네가 도와준다고 해도 시간이 오래 걸릴 거야.
Hyunwoo: And how about even if laptop computers are more convenient, some of them are too expensive.
Miseon: 노트북 컴퓨터가 더 편리하다고 해도 어떤 것은 너무 비싸요.
Hyunwoo: And how about even if no one is going, I will still go.
Miseon: 아무도 안 간다고 해도 저는 갈 거예요.
Hyunwoo: To the park on a rainy day right?
Miseon: 네. 현우씨가 계속 놀린다고 해도 저는 꼭 갈 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Well so even if I keep teasing you, you will still go.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: And I will be following you.
Miseon: Okay that’s good together.


Hyunwoo: But for now let’s wrap up this lesson.
Miseon: Okay.
Hyunwoo: So everyone.
Miseon: Ready to test what you just learned.
Hyunwoo: Make this lesson’s vocabulary stick by using lesson specific flash cards in the learning center.
Miseon: There is a reason everyone uses flash cards.
Hyunwoo: They work.
Miseon: Yeah they really do help memorization.
Hyunwoo: So you can get the flash cards for this lesson at
Miseon: KoreanClass101.com
Hyunwoo: Okay everyone, we will see you at KoreanClass101.com.
Miseon: 오늘도 청취해 주셔서 감사합니다, 여러분.
Hyunwoo: 들어주셔서 감사합니다. 안녕히 계세요.
Miseon: 네.


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