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Lesson Transcript

Miseon: 여러분, 안녕하세요. Welcome to KoreanClass101.com.
Hyunwoo: Hyunwoo here. Beginner Series, Season 5, Lesson #10. If Only the Price Were Right in Korea.
Miseon: Hello everyone. I am Miseon and again, welcome to KoreanClass101.com.
Hyunwoo: With us, you will learn to speak Korean with fun and effective lessons.
Miseon: We also provide you with cultural insights
Hyunwoo: And tips you won’t find in a textbook. So in this lesson, you will learn
Miseon: How to say only or nothing but using -밖에.
Hyunwoo: And this conversation takes place
Miseon: In a computer shop.
Hyunwoo: And the conversation is between
Miseon: The store clerk and the customer 손님이요.
Hyunwoo: 네. And therefore the speakers are speaking
Miseon: 당연히 존댓말이죠.
Hyunwoo: Exactly, polite language. Before we go into the dialogue, basic and premium members
Miseon: If you have a 3G phone.
Hyunwoo: You can see the lesson notes in your favorite browser on your phone.
Miseon: Please stop by Koreanclass101.com to find out more.
Hyunwoo: Okay let’s listen to the conversation.
Miseon: Yes.
가게 직원: 찾는 거 있으세요?
손님: 음... 노트북 사고 싶은데요...
가게 직원: 어떤 거 찾으세요?
손님: 제가 돈이... 70만원 밖에 없어요.
가게 직원: 70만원이요? 음... 그러시면, 이 모델 밖에 없어요.
손님: 이거요? 이것 밖에 없어요?
가게 직원: 네. 80만원 있으면 이거 살 수 있어요.
손님: 음... 최대한 모으면, 75만원이에요. 부족하죠?
가게 직원: 75만으로 살 수 있는 노트북은 이것 밖에 없어요.
손님: 음... 이건... 너무 커요. 작은 거 없어요?
가게 직원: 네... 이 가격으로는... 큰 것 밖에 없어요.
손님: 아... 네... 그럼 5만원 더 모아서 올게요.
gage jigwon: chatneun geo isseuseyo?
sonnim: eum... noteubuk sago sipeundeyo...
gage jigwon: eotteon geo chajeuseyo?
sonnim: je-ga don-i... chilsipmanwon bakk-e eopseoyo.
gage jigwon: chilsipmanwon-iyo? eum... geureosimyeon, i model bakk-e eopseoyo.
sonnim: igeo-yo? igeot bakk-e eopseoyo?
gage jigwon: ne. palsipmanwon isseumyeon igeo sal su isseoyo.
sonnim: eum... choedaehan moeumyeon, chilsip-omanwon-ieyo. bujokhajyo?
gage jigwon: chilsip-oman-won-euro sal su itneun noteubuk-eun igeot bakk-e eopseoyo.
sonnim: eum... igen... neomu keoyo. jageun geo eopseoyo?
gage jigwon: ne... i gagyeok-euroneun... keun geot bakk-e eopseoyo.
sonnim: a... ne... geureom o-manwon deo moaseo olgeyo.
Store clerk: Can I help you?
Customer: Um...I'd like to buy a laptop...
Store clerk: What kind of laptop are you looking for?
Customer: I only have seven hundred thousand won.
Store clerk: Seven hundred thousand won? Hmm...if that's the case, we only have this model here.
Customer: This one? This is the only one?
Store clerk: Yes. If you have eight hundred thousand won, you can buy this one.
Customer: Hmm... If I save up as much money as possible, it's seven hundred and fifty thousand won. That's not enough, right?
Store clerk: With seven hundred and fifty thousand won, you can only buy this one.
Customer: Hmm...this is...too big. Don't you have a smaller one?
Store clerk: We don't... For this price, we only have big ones.
Customer: Oh...I see...then I'll come back after saving fifty thousand won more.
Miseon: Poor 손님. 현우씨, where do you usually buy your electronics. I know you have lots of electronics right?
Hyunwoo: I do but I don’t think I have so many more than average.
Miseon: Really?
Hyunwoo: Aaha!
Miseon: Ah I am not even go to below average then.
Hyunwoo: You are not even up to the average but any way, I usually buy them at 용산 but these days it seems so expensive.
Miseon: Yeah instead of physically going to the store these days, a lot of people are just buying their stuff on the internet right?
Hyunwoo: Yeah, exactly. And it is so easy to compare models and prices online. So you know and people go there, go to Yongsan. The people who are selling stuff at Yongsan, they already know that. The customers already know the prices and you know the specifications. So it’s easier for the customers and if you are lazy like me, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own room and I like that.
Miseon: Yeah me too. I am very lazy. So everything is I have done through internet.
Hyunwoo: Exactly. It’s easy.
Miseon: Click click right.
Hyunwoo: Yeah and the online shops these days, they have more credibility than before. So it’s good.
Miseon: You seem like that kind of type.
Hyunwoo: Like a type of person who would order a lot of things online?
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: Well actually I don’t buy a lot of things online. I just like to if I can order things online because you can save time. So the other good thing is that sites often offer free shipping and the goods usually arrive within like two days.
Miseon: 네, 맞아요. A couple of days ago, I actually ordered like one big immigration bag and then it came home like two days after.
Hyunwoo: That’s awesome.
Miseon: Yeah so it’s really quick and convenient. It’s all about convenience right?
Hyunwoo: Right.
Miseon: By the way, did you know the Gmarket.com now has services available in English for people living outside of Korea?
Hyunwoo: Wow that’s good news but I hope our listeners don’t go bankrupt buying 소녀시대 and Big Bang CDs.
Miseon: Right that’s true.
Hyunwoo: All right. Now let’s look at the vocab for this lesson.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: The first word we are going to look at is
Miseon: 찾다
Hyunwoo: To search for, to look for
Miseon: 찾다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 찾다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: And
Miseon: 노트북
Hyunwoo: Laptop, computer.
Miseon: 노트북 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 노트북 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Next
Miseon: 사다
Hyunwoo: To buy
Miseon: 사다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 사다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 어떤
Hyunwoo: What kind of
Miseon: 어떤 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 어떤 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그 다음 단어는
Miseon: 돈
Hyunwoo: Money
Miseon: 돈 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 돈 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Next
Miseon: 그러시면
Hyunwoo: If that’s the case, in that case, honorific.
Miseon: 그러시면 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 그러시면 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 모델
Hyunwoo: Model
Miseon: 모델 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 모델 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Next
Miseon: 최대한
Hyunwoo: To the maximum, most.
Miseon: 최대한 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 최대한 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 모으다
Hyunwoo: Together to save up money.
Miseon: 모으다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 모으다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 그리고
Miseon: 부족하다
Hyunwoo: To be lacking, to be insufficient.
Miseon: 부족하다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 부족하다 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: 마지막으로
Miseon: 가격
Hyunwoo: Price
Miseon: 가격 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 가격 [natural native speed]
Hyunwoo: Let’s have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson. The first word we are looking at is
Miseon: 가격
Hyunwoo: 미선씨, isn’t there another word for price?
Miseon: 네. That’s 값.
Hyunwoo: Well there is not much difference between these two words but which one do you use more often?
Miseon: I usually use 값 instead of 가격. I don’t know why but…
Hyunwoo: Maybe it’s…
Miseon: You know usually like 값이 얼마예요? instead of 가격이 얼마예요?
Hyunwoo: Yeah maybe because it’s shorter.
Miseon: Yeah, I think it’s much simpler.
Hyunwoo: Yeah, yeah and…
Miseon: Even though one syllable short.
Hyunwoo: Right. And just like you said, 값이 얼마예요? and 가격이 얼마예요? between those two sentences, I think 값이 얼마예요?
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: Or not saying 값이 in the first place 얼마예요?
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: Is enough in most cases.
Miseon: Uh-huh.
Hyunwoo: So 가격 and 값.
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: And 가격 is a Sino-Korean word. It has Chinese background but 값 it’s a native Korean word.
Miseon: Uh-huh.
Hyunwoo: Okay and what is the next word?
Miseon: Next word is 최대한.
Hyunwoo: Maximum, as much as possible and what is the opposite of 최대한?
Miseon: 최소한. 최 means the most in 한자 Chinese characters. If you know the two Chinese characters 대 and 소, you can remember the meaning of 최대한 and 최소한.
Hyunwoo: Right.
Miseon: Easily.
Hyunwoo: Yeah. And what does 대 mean?
Miseon: 대 means big.
Hyunwoo: And how about 소?
Miseon: 소 means small 작아요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah so 최대한 means
Miseon: The most big, the biggest.
Hyunwoo: Right or maximum. And 최소한 means
Miseon: The most small, it means the smallest, minimum.
Hyunwoo: Exactly. So we use this word 최대한 to indicate that a number or amount is the maximum. For example, 최대 속도 is the maximum speed.
Miseon: Or 최대한 노력하다 to make the best effort.
Hyunwoo: That’s right and we hope that our students at Koreanclass101.com are learning the 최대한 amount of Korean with the 최소한 amount of effort.
Miseon: Of course they are.
Hyunwoo: Okay now it’s time for grammar point.
Miseon: 네.

Lesson focus

Hyunwoo: What is the grammar point of this lesson?
Miseon: We are going to talk about how to say only or nothing but using 밖에 like 이것밖에 없어요.
Hyunwoo: I only have this one. What about 만 like 두 개만 주세요. Please give me just two.
Miseon: Well that works but sometimes we need to use a stronger expression.
Hyunwoo: Like when the customer who is looking for a laptop wants to stress that he can’t pay anymore than 70만원 because he doesn’t have enough savings.
Miseon: 네, 맞아요. He can’t possibly pay more because he doesn’t have any more money. So he says he had 70만원 밖에 없다.
Hyunwoo: Which means I only have 700,000 won or 700,000 won is the only amount of money that I have. Can you explain to our listeners why we say 없다?
Miseon: Sure 밖에 is always used with negative verb because 밖에 literally means outside or out of and by using a negative verb with 밖에 the entire sentence emphasizes the meaning of only.
Hyunwoo: Yeah so it goes like noun plus 밖에 plus negative verbs.
Miseon: 네, 맞아요.
Hyunwoo: Okay and this grammar point came out quite a lot in the dialogue for this lesson. So how about making some sample sentences.
Miseon: Sure 제가 돈이 70만원 밖에 없어요.
Hyunwoo: I only have KRW700, 000. How about another one?
Miseon: 이것 밖에 없어요?
Hyunwoo: This is the only one and one more.
Miseon: 이 가격으로는 큰 것 밖에 없어요.
Hyunwoo: For this price, we only have big ones. Okay how about making some sentences that are commonly heard in daily life in Korea?
Miseon: Okay. How about 이건 저 밖에 못 해요.
Hyunwoo: Only I can do this.
Miseon: Okay
Hyunwoo: For people with a lot of pride all right.
Miseon: I am very proud of myself.
Hyunwoo: 저 밖에 못 해요.
Miseon: 저 밖에 못 해요.
Hyunwoo: No one else can.
Miseon: Right.
Hyunwoo: So okay and another one?
Miseon: 이 책은 2만원 밖에 안 해요.
Hyunwoo: This book only costs 2만원 20,000 won and this one is for people with too much money to burn like Miseon, right?
Miseon: Hmm...
Hyunwoo: Just kidding.
Miseon: All right. I forgive you.
Hyunwoo: Okay and we only have a little bit of time left. We only have 시간이 조금밖에 없어요.
Miseon: 네.


Hyunwoo: So I think it’s time to wrap it up for today.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: So…
Miseon: 아쉬워요.
Hyunwoo: 아쉬워요.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: But we are going to come back.
Miseon: 네.
Hyunwoo: So don’t forget that you can leave us a comment on this lesson.
Miseon: So if you have a question or some feedback, please leave us a comment. You know that.
Hyunwoo: Yeah it’s very easy to do and you can come to KoreanClass101.com and do some practice making sentences. So if you look at the first comment, we always give you a question. Can you make some sample sentences using this grammar point and after you write your sentences, we will be there to help you to make your sentences more natural. So we will see you at
Miseon: KoreanClass101.com
Hyunwoo: 네. 웹사이트에서 봬요.
Miseon: 네. 안녕히 계세요.
Hyunwoo: 안녕히 계세요.


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