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Lesson Transcript

Debbie: "All About" Quiz.
Debbie: Hello everyone. Debbie here!
Tim: And I’m Tim! Welcome to our “All About” series.
Debbie: We’re your friendly guides to “All things” about Korea.
Tim: So stay with us today and test your knowledge of Korea!
Debbie: “Test your knowledge of Korea?”Wait... test? Do we have an exam today?
Tim: 하하, no exam! Today we're going to have fun talking about Korea while having a Pop Quiz.
Debbie: A Pop Quiz? All right! That sounds more fun than an exam. By the way, how many quiz questions are there?
Tim: There will be five quiz questions on geography, K-pop, travel, economics and common misconceptions.
Debbie: Wow! Geography, K-pop, travel, Economics and common misconceptions! Will the questions be difficult?
Tim: Nope, it'll be fun and easy! What’s more, it’s multiple-choice!!!
Debbie: Nice! Okay then, Let’s begin – 5 things about Korea you have to know!
Debbie: So, what’s our first topic?
Tim: “All About” Geography.
Debbie: Geography? Okay, give me the question!
Tim: Here we go, “How many provinces is South Korea divided into?” Choice A) 9, Choice B) 20, Choice C) 30.
(Sound of time passing “tick tock tick tock”)
Debbie: “경기도, 충청도, 제주도…”
Tim: Okay, time’s up! What’s your answer everyone? How about you, Debbie?
Debbie: I think it’s A - “9” provinces.
Tim: 딩.동.댕! How did you know?
Debbie: Well, I thought 20 or 30 provinces sounded like too many... That’s why I thought it must be ‘A’ – 9 provinces. By the way, can you tell us what those 9 provinces are?
Tim: Sure. 경상남도, 전라북도, 충청북고, 강원도, 경상북도, 제주도, 전라남도, 충청남도 and 경기도. But you don’t need to remember all 9 of those.
Debbie: Yes, just remember that Korea has 9 provinces. Okay, what’s the next category?
Tim: “All About” K-pop.
Debbie: “K-pop!?” That’s a piece of cake! I was born even before K-pop existed in Korea!
Tim: Okay, I am going to give you the names of 5 famous groups. Name the one that is NOT an actual group! Listeners, if you already know K-pop, this is a very easy question. If not, it can be very hard. Don’t feel bad if don’t know the answer! Okay, are you ready?
Debbie: Okay!
Tim: Choice A) 2pm, Choice B) Girls’ generation, Choice C) Big Bang, and Choice D)“Big Ben!”
Debbie: Hmmm... Can you say that one more time again please…
Tim Okay, Choice A) 2pm, Choice B) Girls’ generation, Choice C) Big Bang, and Choice D)“Big Ben!”
(Sound of time passing “tick tock tick tock”)
Tim: Okay, time is up! Have you all made your choices?
Debbie: Yes! I have!
Tim: Okay? The answer is…?
Debbie: Choice D!“Big Ben!”
Tim: Correct!
Debbie: There is a group called “Big Bang”, but no group called “Big Ben”, haha. They sound close though!
Tim: I wonder if the listeners got it...?하하
Debbie: Okay, what’s the next category?
Tim: “All About” Travel
Debbie: “Travel!?” Okay, what’s the question, Tim?
Tim: What is the capital of Korea? Choice A) 제주도 (jejudo), Choice B) 경기도 (Kyeong-gido), Choice C) 서울 (Seoul) or Choice D) 부산 (Busan).
(Sound of time passing “tick tock tick tock”)
Tim: Time’s up! The answer is…?
Debbie: Choice C) 서울! 서울 is the capital of Korea.
Tim: Are you sure?
Debbie: Yes, I am 100% sure! It’s Seoul!
Tim: 딩동댕! I guess that was too easy for you. But for those who don't know about Korea, it could be tough.
Debbie: By the way, Tim.... why don’t we give a brief explanation about those four cities?
Tim: That’s a good idea!
Debbie: First, let’s talk about 제주도…제주 island is the biggest island in Korea and it is famous for its beautiful nature, and is the most popular honeymoon destination for Korean newly-wed couples.
Tim: Second, 부산…부산 is located in the most southern area of Korea. It's famous for fresh seafood and sightseeing.
Debbie: Third is 경주. It's famous for its historic relics, since it was the capital of the Shilla dynasty for about 1,000 years.
Tim: And lastly, Seoul is the number one destination for tourists because of its many shopping areas.
Debbie: Okay Tim, I’ve scored 3 out of 3 so far. These questions need to be more challenging. What’s the next category?
Tim: It’s “All About” the Korean Economy
Debbie: “Economy!?” Okay…This might be too challenging for me now! Okay, what’s your question?
Tim: Korea has shown rapid economic growth since the 1960s. How much bigger in terms of Gross National Income (GNI) has the Korean economy become since 1960s?
Choice A)10 times bigger, Choice B) 50 times bigger Choice C) 100 times bigger Choice D) 200 times bigger
Debbie: Hmm… I need some time to think about this…Hmm…This is quite hard! I’d like to phone a friend.
Tim: (suddenly voice and environment changing into “who wants to be a millionaire”) "Welcome to Who Wants to be a Millionaire!" Okay Debbie, who would you like to call?
Debbie: A Korean friend of mine.
Tim: Okay. Let’s call him up!
(requesting phone ringing)
Tim: (voice change into the Korean man) 여보세요? "Hello?"
Debbie: Hey, 준! It’s me, Debbie! I’d like to ask you something about Korea’s economic growth. “How much bigger in terms of Gross National Income (GNI) has the Korean economic grown since 1960s?”
Tim: Hmm… the GNI of Korea in 1962 was 87 US dollars and now it is over 20,000 US dollars. That’s all I know…. "by the way, De..."(phone is cut).
Tim: Oh, no! Time’s up! Debbie, which answer will you choose?
Debbie: Hmm… The GNI of Korea in 1960s was around 100 US dollars and today it’s over 20,000 US dollars, so...20,000 divided by 100…
Tim: Okay, time’s up! The answer is…
Debbie: 200! 200 times bigger! The answer is Choice D – 200 times bigger!
Tim: You are correct! The answer is D – 200 times bigger! The Gross National Income of Korea in 1962 was 87 US dollars. Today, it's more than 20,000 US dollars.
Debbie: Yeah! “Thank you, Jun 준!”I’ve scored 4 out of 4 so far! And only one last question remains. Okay Tim, what’s the last category? by the way Tim, please get back to your natural voice.
Tim: 하하~ okay! Here’s our last question - “All About” misconception about Korea.
Debbie: A “Misconception” about Korea?
Tim: Yes, “misconception!” Anyway… here is our last question – “Is South Korea safe to travel to or to live in?” Please simply answer by choosing between “yes” or “no”.
Debbie: Hmm… Since the cease-fire treaty in 1953, the two governments have existed on independent terms. What’s more, the South Korean government continues to give aid to the North and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il seems quite happy to keep his family power. Also, North Korea and South Korea are two very different countries in terms of government, way of life, and its foreign policy. So, my answer is… “Yes!” Yes, South Korea is safe to travel to or to live in!
Tim: 딩.동.댕! That’s right! Okay, how did everyone do?
Debbie: Perfect – 5 out of 5!
Tim: 하하 Very good job, Debbie! You’ve just become an expert on Korea. 하하! Okay, well that’s all for today’s lesson.
Debbie: All right everyone! Thanks for listening! And Tim, thank you for those questions! See you next time!
Tim: Bye for now! 여러분 그럼 안녕.