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Lesson Transcript

Debbie: Top 5 useful tools for learning Korean
Tim: Hello everyone~! This is Tim, I am joined in the studio by…
Debbie: Hello, Debbie here!
Tim: This is part eleven of our All About Korean series.
Debbie: Wow~ we’ve been talking quite a lot about all things Korean so far!
Tim: That’s right! Debbie, what's today's topic?
Debbie: Today’s topic is The Top 5 useful Internet tools for learning Korean.
Tim: Internet tools?
Debbie: Yes, the Internet has become a huge part of our life today and it has given us tons of tools as well, including tools for learning Korean!!
Tim: Sounds great! Is KoreanClass101.com on the list?
Debbie: Hahaha, are you kidding? KoreanClass101.com is a given for learning Korean. But we don’t need to talk about our website throughout this lesson.
Tim: Oh yeah...?
Debbie: Yeah, because many of our listeners already know about us!
Tim: Yeah, you're right.
Debbie: Okay, let’s begin – The “Top 5 useful websites for learning Korean”.
Debbie: Let’s start from #5, Tim?
Tim: It’s Youtube - Youtube.com!
Debbie: That's w-w-w dot y-o-u-t-u-b-e dot c-o-m.
Tim: Debbie, what can you find on Youtube?
Debbie: Well, we can find hundreds, even thousands of Korean TV shows, music, videos, movies, etc.
Tim: What a great resource!
Debbie: Yes, watching those Korean clips will definitely help you improve your understanding of spoken Korean!
Tim: Does KoreanClass101.com have a Youtube Channel, too?
Debbie: Yes! So be sure to check it out!
Debbie: It’s simple! Just type in “KoreanClass101” on Youtube and you will see all of our videos there.There are videos for learning Hangul, vocabulary, and much more.
Tim: Please check it out!
Debbie: Okay, what’s our next site?
Tim: Korea.net!
Debbie: That’s w-w-w dot k-o-r-e-a dot net
Tim: Right! This is a really nice site.
Debbie: Korea.net is a site run by a group called Korean Culture and Information Service, KOCIS.
It features news about culture, economics, life, and also has up-to-date and in-depth practical information.
Tim: There is so much to look at here!
Debbie: Definitely, and here's the cool part - it is a completely multilingual website!
Tim: Multilingual?
Debbie: Yes! Besides Korean, of course, Korea.net publishes their information in English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese!
Tim: Wow, that's a lot.
Debbie: Isn't it? So while you can get great information on Korea in your native language, you can also practice your Korean by reading the articles in Korean.
Tim: That's a great way to practice Korean.
Debbie: Along with articles, there are also blogs, pictures, event information.. lots of good stuff! So definitely check it out. Again, that's www.korea.net.
Tim: Great!
Debbie: Tim, what’s our next site?
Tim: “Hanlingo”
Debbie: That’s w-w-w dot h-a-n-l-i-n-g-o dot c-o-m – “hanlingo.com”. By the way Tim, what IS “hanlingo.com”?
Tim: Well, it's basically a language exchange website.
Debbie: Which is based in Korea?
Tim: Yes! You can meet many people who want to do a language exchange.
Debbie: Oh~~ that's neat! It sounds really practical - I'll have to check that out. Okay, what’s the next site?
Tim: “Language 8 or Lang-8”
Debbie: I also know about this site, it’s - “Lang-8, w-w-w dot l-a-n-g dash 8 dot c-o-m”
Tim: This site is unique I think.
Debbie: That’s right. You can get help on your writing from native speakers of the language you’re studying or are interested in. For example, a native English speaker can correct something that was written by a Korean person. In return, a native Korean speaker can correct something that was written by a native English speaker who is studying Korean.
Tim: Yes, it’s very helpful!
Debbie: The interface is simple and easy to pick up as well. Okay, what’s the top #1 tool for learning Korean online? Besides KoreanClass101.com, of course...!
Tim: It’s the “English-Korean dictionary powered by Naver.com”
Debbie: Yes, the address is “w-w-w dot e-n-d-i-c dot n-a-v-e-r dot c-o-m” – “endic.naver.com”
Tim: Yeah~! It’s a great resource!
Debbie: You can simply type in any Korean or English word to see the equivalent in the other language along with some sample sentences.
Tim: That’s right!
Debbie: That’s not bad for a free resource, right?
Tim: No, not at all! You don’t need any expensive dictionaries. Just use this website.
Debbie: 예, 맞아요 “That’s right!” Okay, let’s recap today’s lesson. We just talked about the top 5 useful Internet websites for learning Korean.
Tim: #5 is?
Debbie: Youtube.com!
Tim: #4 is?
Debbie: Korea.net!
Tim: #3 is?
Debbie: Hanlingo.com!
Tim: #2 is?
Debbie: Lang-8.com!
Tim: and the top #1 tool is?
Debbie: endic.naver.com!
Tim: Yeah! I hope all of you found today’s lesson useful!
Debbie: I hope so, too. Thanks for listening and see you all next time,
Tim: 그럼 다음 시간에 만나요, bye!