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Lesson Transcript

Tim: Hello everyone. This is Tim and, I am joined in the studio by… 두두두
Debbie: Debbie! Hello, everybody, Debbie here!
Tim: Today is part ten in our All About Korean series.
Debbie: Is it already part ten? Wow! Time flies!
Tim: Yes, it does! Okay. Today's topic is about...?
Debbie: Pop culture! Korean music, movies, media and celebrities. But, please keep in mind that pop culture is always changing - but we are going to talk about Korean pop culture as it is right now.
Tim: Good to know. Are you ready?
Debbie: Yes.
Tim: Are you ready listeners?
Debbie: I’m sure they are!
Tim: Okay, let’s begin – Korean Pop Culture.
Debbie: Okay. What’s our first category?
Tim: (singing one of Rain’s songs with lower voice terribly)
Debbie: ...Is this supposed to be a clue?
Tim: Yes! That's the hint!
Debbie: What? Oh~ I see, so the first category is about “Korean Pop music", also known as K-pop.
Tim: Yes!
Debbie: But Tim… You have an awesome voice, but let’s save the singing for the 노래방, Karaoke!
Tim: Okay, sorry.
Debbie: Anyway…K-pop is becoming very popular throughout the world, especially throughout Asia.
Tim: You’re right! (got excited and singing again terribly)~~~~
Debbie: Tim…
Tim: Ah! Sorry, sorry! I got so excited when you mentioned K-pop… Oh, I have an idea!
Debbie: An idea?
Tim: Yes, here is a K-pop quiz for you – name the artist that is NOT related to K-Pop.
Debbie: Okay.
Tim: a) Big Bang, b) Super Junior, c) wondergirls, d) Girl’s Generation, e) 비 (Rain), and f) X-Japan
Debbie: 하하~~ Tim! "X-Japan!?" That’s too obvious! Of course, it’s X-Japan!
Tim: 딩동댕. So, can you repeat those five artists that I just mentioned…?
Debbie: Hmm… I’ll do my best. First Big Bang…, second, Super Junior, third, Wondergirls, fourth Girl’s generation, and last…hmm… I forgot.
Tim: 비 (Rain). He is my favorite! 쓰~~아~~ 쓰~~아~~
Debbie: 하하~~ "Tim, nice try but.. you're not Rain! haha. All right, what’s next?
Tim: “Korean movies~”
Debbie: I love Korean movies.
Tim: Me, too!
Debbie: What is so special about Korean movies? What would be a big difference between Korean movies and Hollywood movies?
Tim: Hmm…That’s a good question. I find that many Korean movies deal with the theme of “humanity” rather than entertainment.
Debbie: That’s a good point, Tim! I do agree with you. I often watch ‘Hollywood movies’ when I feel bored. Hollywood movies are good for “entertainment", however…
Tim: I guess... you watch Korean movies when you feel emotional…
Debbie: Yes. Korean movies make me cry. And speaking of movies, what are your favorite Korean movies?
Tim: 맨발의 기봉이, 친구 and…
Debbie: 아~~(ah~~!) 맨발의 기봉이 “Barefoot Gi-Bong!” I’ve also seen that movie. It was… so fun, touching, and good~~~!
Tim: 엄마… 추..추…추…..추워~~!
Debbie: 하하하! We have 기봉이 (Gi-Bong) in the studio! You sounded just like 기봉이, the main character of the movie! Listeners, you should watch this movie to see what this character is like. Okay, anyways! What’s the next category?
Tim: “Korean T.V. shows”
Debbie: What sets Korean TV apart?
Tim: Well…They generally include dramas, variety shows, and reality shows…
Debbie: Tim, what’s your favorite K-drama?
Tim: Hmm…. my favorite K-drama is… 풀 하우스 “Full-House”.
Debbie: Ah~~ “Full-house! I’ve seen it, too! It was very funny and entertaining! Oh~~ I see! That’s why 비 (Rain) is your favorite K-pop star because he was the main character in that drama!
Tim: Exactly!
Debbie: Hmm… then you must like 송혜교 as well!?
Tim: Oh~~yeah 혜교! 송혜교 is my dream girlfriend.
Debbie: 하하, I see....
Tim: How about you Debbie? What’s your favorite TV show?
Debbie: Hmm… I personally like a talk shows like “미녀들의 수다”.
Tim: So, are you a 미녀? By the way listeners, 미녀 means “a beautiful lady”.
Debbie: No…I simply like the show because the talk show features women from foreign countries who speak Korean. I find those topics and comments they share to be quite interesting. That’s why!
Tim: Oh~~ I see, that makes sense!
Debbie: Okay, what’s the next category?
Tim: Popular celebrities and sports stars throughout the world.
Debbie: 하하~~ One of them is 비 “Rain” right, Tim?
Tim: (again imitating 비 “Rain”) 쓰~~아~~ 쓰~~아~~ Yes, 비 “Rain” is an international singer, actor, model, and even a business man. He has thousands and thousands of fans throughout the world.
Debbie: Yes. He is extremely popular! Who else?... Ah, I have one!
Tim: Who?
Debbie: “Daniel Henney!”
Tim: Ah! He is tall and very handsome, right?
Debbie: Yes, he is a half-Korean, model-turned-actor, who has recently gained popularity. Oh, I thought of someone else... hey Tim, are you good at playing soccer?
Tim: Soccer?? Ohhh, are you talking about... ?
Debbie: Yes, 지성 박! He is the international soccer icon” who currently plays for Manchester United.
Tim: Oh~~ 지성! He's so good at soccer! I wish I can play like him….
Debbie: I know what you mean, I also have a sports stars whom I really envy…
Tim: Hmm a female athlete? I think I know...Could it be... 김연아
Debbie: Wow Tim, good guess!! That’s right! It's 김연아, the #1 figure skater in the world. Her athletic career is quite amazing and promising as she embodies the Korean spirit and represents national pride.
Tim: That’s right! 연아 화이팅~! “Go Yeon-Ah~!”
Debbie: Yes, 연아 and 지성 화이팅~! “Go Ji-Sung Park and Yeon-Ah Kim”
Tim: 반기문 화이팅~! “Go Gi-moon Ban~!”
Debbie: 하하~~ Tim! I am sure they heard us cheering! And unfortunately that’s all for today’s “All About” lesson.
Tim: We hope you enjoyed the lesson.
Debbie: Tim, don’t you feel cold?
Tim: Yes, 추..추….추…추워~~!
Debbie: 하하~~ Tim, you do a great impression of that movie character, 기봉 “Gi-Bong”.
Tim: Thank you Debbie and thank you everyone!
Debbie: You're very welcome! Well, thank you for listening and see you again next time.
Tim: 그럼 여러분 다음시간에 만나요…