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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Jae here. Welcome to Ask a Teacher, where I’ll answer some of your most common Korean questions.
The question for this lesson is…
Why is 네 [ne] meaning “your” sometimes pronounced 니 [ni] in Korean?
네 [ne], the shortened version of the casual possessive, 너의 [neoui], meaning, "your" often gets pronounced as 니 [ni] instead of 네(ne] in spoken Korean. This is because 내 [nae] meaning "my" sounds so similar to 네 [ne].
Let’s learn how to pronounce the Korean word for “your” more naturally.
For example, how do you say, “your computer” in Korean? Even though it’s written as 네 컴퓨터 [ne computeo], most people pronounce it as 니 컴퓨터 [ni computeo].
Let’s do a tricky sentence with some similar sounding words. Here's the sentence meaning “Is this mine or yours?” in Korean? 이거 내 거야 네 거야? [Igeo nae geoya ne geoya?]
Can you hear the difference? Since it’s very difficult to hear and pronounce, many people say, 이거 내 거야 니 거야? [Igeo nae geoya ni geoya?]
This is our final tip for this lesson! Remember, even though many people pronounce 네[ne] as 니[ni], make sure to use 네[ne] when you write in Korean!
How was it? Pretty interesting, right?
Please leave any more questions in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them!
See you next time. 다음 시간에 만나요. (Daeum-sigane mannayo.)