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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Top Words. In this video, we’ll be talking about 5 biggest festivals in South Korea. Let’s begin!
1. 서울세계불꽃축제 (seoulsegyebulkkotchukje) "Seoul International Fireworks Festival"
So you can find this event only once a year in the autumn season and I remember I was there once in 2013. I liked it, but I don’t think I want to go there again because there are too many people, so much crowded. I remember even if I reserved my seat by paying a lot of extra money, but I still have to wait for 30 minutes. I heard that many people go there in the morning to get a spot or even a day before. Actually, the fireworks itself was very good like it was very big and it took about 2 hours, but since everyone will just leave their place at once, getting out of the place was kind of chaotic. I remember it took about 1 hour even to go to your nearest bus station and then we have to actually go down to the south to get away from the island so it was kind of interesting experience, but it’s good to do that just once. But if you haven’t got a chance to do that and see that yet, I think it will be really good to see the festival. The festival will be held in Yeouido which is in the very center of Seoul and actually since it’s very near the Han River, you can see the firework almost everywhere around that island so you don’t have to go to the island to see the festival. You can just find a nice spot around Han River and you can still enjoy the festival and it’s free so you don’t have to pay for anything.
"서울세계불꽃축제는 한강 공원에서 열립니다. (Seoulsegyebulkkotchukjeneun hangang gongwoneseo yeollimnida.) ("Seoul International Fireworks Festival is held at Hangang Park."
2. 부산국제영화제 (busangukjeyeonghwaje) "Busan International Film Festival"
I heard that this is one of the top film festivals in Asia even in the world. Personally, I never got a chance to go to Busan to see this festival, but I remember some of my friends went there and they really liked it because not only about getting the chance to see the movie earlier than others, they really like the atmosphere like surrounded with the people who love the movie cinema. I heard that they really liked it. Anywhere you go, you can feel that kind of festival-like atmosphere so if you get a chance to go to Busan to enjoy this film festival, I think you’ll really enjoy it if you like that kind of atmosphere.
부산국제영화제는 아시아 최대 규모의 영화제 중 하나입니다. (Busangukjeyeonghwajeneun asia choedae gyumoui yeonghwaje jung hanaimnida.) "Busan International Film Festival is one of Asia's largest film festivals."
Is that mainly in Korean movies?
3. 제주유채꽃축제 (jejuyuchaekkotchukje) "Jeju Canola Flower Festival"
This is tongue twister.
Yeah! I can’t like definitely woah! I don’t think I can say it.
유채꽃축제 (yuchaekkotchukje), 제주유채꽃축제 (jejuyuchaekkotchukje), 제주유채꽃축제 (jejuyuchaekkotchukje) “Jeju Canola Flower Festival"
I remember I went to Jeju Island in spring when they had this festival. It was so beautiful. You can see the sea is kind of dark blue and the flower is very like pure yellow. So when you see the flowers with the sea in the background, the combination of colors is so beautiful. So you can see the yellow flowers in front of you and over there, there is a dark blue sea. These days, I think there are more and more tourists who come to see this festival so it will be more crowded. I think the flower field is huge so even though it’s crowded, I think you can enjoy the beauty of the flower and the sea altogether in this festival.
제주도는 봄에 피는 유채꽃이 아름답기로 유명합니다. (Jejudodoneun bome pineun yuchaekkochi areumdapgiro yumyeonghamnida.) "Jeju Island is famous for the beautiful canola flowers that grow in spring."
4. 화천산천어축제 (hwacheonsancheoneochukje) "Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival"
So Hwacheon is the name of the city in, I think, Gangwon Province which is in the east part of South Korea and Sancheoneo literally means the fish which lives in the stream of the mountains because 산 (san) means “mountain”, 천 (cheon) means “river”, and 어 (eo) means “fish. So I went there I think in 2015-14. It was super cold. I think it was kind of -12 or -13 degrees and there was a small lake. It used to be a lake, but during the winter, it’s all frozen so you can just walk on the lake. In the festival, they made a hole, several holes in their lake so I could fish into the lake. So I was able to catch some of the fishes and we were able to eat them alive and that was kind of the highlight of the festival they say that. There, you can also enjoy the food of this Sancheoneo, small little cute fish from mountain streams. So if you enjoy that kind of fishing, I think this will be very good chance to do that and also on the way to the lake, you can get a chance to ride some special rides for the festival because you cannot drive a car to the lake because it’s all ice so you can get a chance to take that kind of special ride to the lake which was also fun too.
In a sentence, we can say - 화천에서 산천어 얼음 낚시를 할 수 있습니다. (Hwacheoneseo sancheoneo eoreum naksireul hal su itsseumnida.) "You can go ice fishing for mountain trout in Hwacheon."
5. 태백산눈축제 (taebaeksannunchukje) "Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival "
So when you see the Korean peninsula like you can find a lot of high mountain on the east side. I think it used to be kind of flat land in the past, but it moved something like this so the west side is kind of flat and you cannot find that many high mountains, but when you go to the east side, you can see many high mountains. So Taebaeksan where you can find the Snow Festival is on the east side of South Korea so you can find a lot of snow and also in the mountain areas. So if you really like skiing, enjoying the winter sports and also snow, I recommend you to visit this Gangwon Province which is on the east part of South Korea. I think these days, you can actually take a bus or take a KTX, the bullet train, to the Taebaeksan area so it wouldn’t take too much time to get there.
In a sentence, we can say - 태백산눈축제에서는 눈으로 만든 큰 조각품을 감상할 수 있습니다. (Taebaeksannunchukjeeseoneun nuneuro mandeun keun jogakpumeul gamsanghal su itsseumnida.) "Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival presents a large-scale snow sculptures."
Okay, that’s all 5 biggest festivals in South Korea. Which festival do you want to go next time? Let us know in the comment. I will see you in the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다 (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida) 안녕히 계세요 (annyeonghi gyeseyo)