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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Top Words. Are you enjoying 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics? For those who really are interested in this olympics, but not sure how to buy the tickets, we made this lesson for you. In this video, we’re going to talk about top 5 words to buy PyeongChang Olympics tickets. Let’s begin!
1. 표 (pyo) “ticket”
For sure, you can buy tickets online and also, you can buy it at the stadiums in PyeongChang. If you want to buy a ticket in the ticket booth, you just have to say the name of the sports and say 표 (pyo). For example - 아이스하키 표 (aiseuhaki pyo) means tickets for ice hockey.
So in a sentence, we can say - 아이스하키표 두 장 주세요. (aiseuhakipyo du jang juseyo.) “I'd like two tickets for the ice hockey game.”
Figure skating is one of the very popular winter sports in South Korea so I believe there should be many Korean people who want to buy the tickets too. So if you want to buy the tickets for the figure skating, say - 피겨스케이팅표 주세요 (pigyeoseukeiting pyo juseyo.) which means “I’d like a ticket for figure skating.” and make sure to buy it before all other people.
2. 예약 (yeyak) “reservation”
This word can be meant for anything like “reservation at a restaurant”, 식당 예약 (sikdang yeyak), and also for sure, you can also use it to say 표 예약 (pyo yeyak) “reservation for tickets”.
So in a sentence, we can say - 인터넷에서 표를 예약했어요. (inteoneseseo pyoreul yeyakaesseoyo.) “I booked a ticket on the internet.”
Or if you want to make a reservation in advance, you can also say - 예약하고 싶어요. (yeyakago sipeoyo.) “I’d like to make a reservation.”
So since reservation or 레저베이션 (rejeobeisyeon) is not the English word that many people can understand, I think it’s better to remember this word if you want to make a reservation or if you already booked your ticket online so that the other Korean people can understand what you’re saying. 예약 (Yeyak) is the word to mean “reservation”.
3. 오늘 경기 (oneul gyeonggi) “today's game”
오늘 (oneul) means “today” and 경기 (gyeonggi) means “game” like sports competitions.
So if you want to buy a ticket for today’s game, you can say - 오늘 경기 표 살 수 있나요? (oneul gyeonggi pyo sal su innayo?) “Can I buy tickets for today's game?”
For sure, you can replace 오늘 (oneul) with something else like 내일 (naeli) which means “tomorrow” and say - 내일 경기 표 살 수 있나요? (Naeli gyeonggi pyo sal su innayo?) “Can I buy tickets for tomorrow’s game?”
In English, they have a small “‘s” like today’s game so you might want to say 오늘의 게임 (oneurui geim) using the 의 (ui), the possessive particle, but it sounds more natural to say something without 의 (ui). Instead of saying 오늘의 경기 (oneurui gyeonggi), it’s better to say 오늘 경기 (oneul gyeonggi) if you want to mean “today’s game”.
4. 할인 (harin) “discount”
If you want to buy tickets with a discounted price, check how old you are. If you are 65 or older or if you are 18 or younger, you can get 50% discount. So in that case, you can simply show your passport or ID showing your age to get a discount.
So if you’re in that kind of age group, you can say - 할인 되나요? (harin doenayo?) “Can I get some discounts?”
5. 환불 (hwanbul) “refund”
In general, the PyeongChang Olympics game tickets are not refundable, but if it is cancelled by the heavy weather or some other issues that is not your fault, you can get a refund. In that case, we can go to a ticket booth and say - 환불해주세요. (hwanbulhaejuseyo.) “Please refund.”
Okay, you just learned 5 words to buy PyeongChang Olympics tickets. I hope you get a chance to buy tickets and enjoy the games. If you have any questions, leave us any comment, like this video, subscribe to this channel and visit our website, KoreanClass101.com. We will see you in the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)