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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Top Words. The topic of this video is “What are your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year?”. Let’s begin! Huhuhuhu.
1. KoreanClass101.com의 서바이벌 프레이즈 시리즈를 하루에 두 개씩 들어서 끝내겠습니다. (KoreanClass101.comui seobaibeol peureijeu sirijeureul harue du gaessik deureoseo kkeunnaegetsseumnida.) “I'll finish Survival Phrases series on KoreanClass101.com by listening to two lesson a day.”
We often get a question like, “How many lessons do I have to listen to or watch?”. My answer is usually like one or two lessons, not more than two, because it is important to keep remembering what you just learned in the lesson. I think if you listen to or watch three or more lessons, I think it will be too much for one day. You can do that, but you might forget a lot of things on the next day. So if you’re a very beginner, I recommend you to check out the Survival Phrases Series which you can learn all the basic phrases within 50 lessons and just listening to two lessons a day.
2. 하루에 10 장씩 읽어서 한국어 책 한 권을 끝내겠습니다. (Harue yeol jangssik ilgeoseo hangugeo chaek han gwoneul kkeunnaegetseumnida.) “I'll finish reading one Korean book by reading 10 pages a day.”
So here we have the word 10 장 (yeol jang) which means 10 pages. 장 (Jang) is the counter for pages so if you just read 5 pages, we can say 5 장 (daseot jang) or 10 pages 10 장 (yeol jang).
3. 한국어 시험에 합격하겠습니다. (Hangugeo siheome hapgyeokagetseumnida.) “I'll pass my Korean test.”
I think this is very good big goal by the end of the year. If you pass the Korean test then I think it will be a good big accomplishment.
4. 한국 영화 1편을 완전히 이해할 때까지 매일 보겠습니다. (Hanguk yeonghwa han pyeoneul wanjeonhi ihaehal ttaekkaji maeil bogetseumnida.) “I'll watch a Korean movie every day until I fully understand it.”
Yeah, I think that’s very good language goal too, you do something every day especially if you’re like watching a movie, seeing a movie, I think this is a very good goal that you can set.
5. 한국인 친구들에게 한국어로 3분 소개를 하겠습니다. (Hangugin chingudeurege hangugeoro sam bun sogaereul hagetseumnida.) “I'll give a 3 minute introductory speech in Korean to my Korean friends.”
You might think this will be a very simple goal, but I think it’s one of the challenging thing that you can make especially if you’re in a very beginner level. It will be not easy to even make three or four sentences, but the key is to just keep practicing. You can just make your sentences in the simple way and then just keep saying it again and again. That will cover a lot of important vocab about yourself and also some basic phrases, sentence patterns that you have to know in Korean.
6. 한국 노래 5곡을 외우겠습니다. (Hanguk norae daseot gogeul oeugetseumnida.) “I'll memorize 5 Korean songs.”
Well this should be challenging I think. One song is about like 3 to 5 minutes and usually like popular Korean songs are fast. I think they will have a lot of vocab, phrases and things that you have to know, but I think that will be a good practice to understand especially some romantic phrases. But I think the most important part of this goal is to pick right songs. If you pick songs with too many casual words that people don’t use overly, I think it’s not a good song to pick. Some songs in late 90s or in early 2000s, I think they will be good songs to pick because the tempo of the songs are not that fast and when you get a chance to go to karaoke with your co-workers or someone in 40s and 50s, they will understand the song so you can actually sing a song to any Korean people if you know that kind of popular songs in late 90s or in early 2000s.
7. KoreanClass101.com의 플래쉬 카드로 단어 350개를 다 외우겠습니다. (KoreanClass101.comui peullaeswi kadeuro daneo sambaegosip gaereul da oeugetsseumnida.) “I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on KoreanClass101.com.”
This is the very popular feature that you can find on KoreanClass101.com when you watch or listen to our lesson. You can choose the vocab that you want to keep studying and just put it into your flashcard and it will keep coming up and you can use it for making your own tests. I think using the flashcards will be the best way to memorize new words.
8. 한국인 친구들에게 한국어로 엽서를 10장 쓰겠습니다. (Hangugin chingudeurege hangugeoro yeopseoreul yeol jang sseugetseumnida.) “I'll write 10 postcards in Korean to my Korean friends.”
Not many people write postcards these days so that’s why you have to write postcards because people will be surprised and will be very impressed comparing to sending on email like sending a short message on KakaoTalk or mobile messengers.
9. 과거, 현재 그리고 미래의 사건에 대해 이야기하는 방법을 배우겠습니다. (Gwageo, hyeonjae geurigo miraeui sageone daehae iyagihaneun bangbeobeul baeugetseumnida.) “I'll learn how to talk about the past, present and future events.”
So here we have some important words, 과거 (gwageo) “past”, 현재 (hyeonjae) “present”, and 미래 (mirae) “future”.
10. 한국을 여행할 때 한국어를 사용하겠습니다. (Hangugeul yeohaenghal ttae hangugeoreul sayonghagetsseumnida.) “I will use Korean when I travel to Korea.”
This is very important. Even if it’s a short trip, I think it’s very important to speak to Korean people in Korean if you know how to say some basic phrases and people will be very patient. They will try to understand what you mean and they might say, oh you mean that, that, that... so you can also find out what’s the right way to say something.
Okay, so we just reviewed top 10 language learning goals for the year. What will be your language learning goal for this year? Let us know in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)