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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Jaehwi! Welcome back to Korean top words. In this video, we'll be talking about Top 20 Words That You'll Need For The Beach. Let's begin!
1. 선글라스 (seongeullaseu) “sunglasses”
햇빛이 강하면 선글라스를 껴요. (Haetbisi ganghamyeon seongeullaseureul kkyeoyo.) “If the sunlight is strong, wear sunglasses.”
2. 해변 (haebyeon) “beach”
So, this word has two Chinese characters one is 해 (hae) meaning “sea” and 변 (byeon) is for “side”. So it literally means the seaside.
해변을 거닐고 싶어요. (Haebyeoneul geonilgo sipeoyo.) “I want to take a walk along the beach.”
3. 수영 (suyeong) “swimming”
This word has their chinese character meaning water, 수 (su). You can find this word, 수 (su), in other words that is related to water sports or something about water; for example, 수도 (sudo) "water pipe”. So using this word to 수영 (suyeong),
you can say, 수영할 수 있어요? (Suyeonghal su isseyo?) “Can you swim?”
4. 태양 (taeyang) “sun”
눈부신 태양 아래 바다가 빛나요. (Nunbusin taeyang arae badaga binnayo.) “The sea shines under the brilliant sun.”
And this word, you can use it for more situations but it's kind of casual or just in general situations. You can use the word 해 (hae) instead.
So using the word, 태양 (taeyang) you can say, 눈부신 태양 아래 바다가 빛나요. (Nunbusin taeyang arae badaga binnayo.) “The sea shines under the brilliant sun.”
5. 야자수 (yajasu) “palm tree”
It's not common to see 야자수 (yajasu) "palm trees" in Korea except for the Jeju Island, because Jeju is really close to Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries. You can see palm trees along the road but not in the Korean peninsula side.
So using that word you can say, 제주도에 가면 야자수를 볼 수 있어요. (Jejudoe gamyeon yajasureul bol su isseoyo.) “You can see palm trees on Jeju Island.”
6. 수영복(suyeongbok) “swimsuit”
So for example, if you're shopping and you find something nice, you can ask your friends saying,
이 수영복 어때? (I suyeongbok eottae?) “How is this swimsuit?”
7. 바다 (bada) “ocean”
So in Korean, you can find this word 바다 (bada), not only in the places near beach. also some places where you can take raw fish and sometimes you can see the word, 오선 (osyeon) following the English word.
So using that word you can say, 이번 주말에 바다에 가자! (Ibeon jumare badae gaja!) “Let's go to the beach this weekend!”
8. 안전 요원 (anjeon yowon) “lifeguard”
So here we have the word 안전 (anjeon) meaning safety and 요원 (yowon) meaning agents. Altogether it means lifeguard.
안전 요원에게 도움을 요청하세요. (Anjeon yowonege doumeul yocheonghaseyo.) “Ask a lifeguard for help.”
9. 제트 스키 (jeteu seuki) “jet ski”
In Korea National, jet should be Pronounced as 제트(jeteu). I never had a jet ski in my life but I want to do that sometimes. But I just feel a little bit scary of doing something in the sea because I'm not good at swimming.
But if you want to try jet ski, you can say, 제트 스키 타러 가자! (Jeteu seuki tareo gaja!) “Let's go for a jet ski ride!”
10. 비치 타월 (bichi tawol) “beach towel”
Even though we have the word, 수건 (sugeon) meaning towel. It's common to say beach towel using the word you can say, 비치 타월 있어? (Bichi tawol isseo?) “Do you have a beach towel?” Or, if you want to ask a staff if they have a beach towel you can also ask, 비치 타월 있어요? (Bichi tawol isseoyo?) Do you have a beach towel?”
11. 비치 체어 (bichi cheeo) “beach chair”
If you go to a very crowded beach in South Korea, like 해운대 (haeundae), which is in Busan, people will ask you pay for using beach chair, the use of the beach chair,
So they might ask you, 비치 체어를 이용하시려면 돈을 내야 됩니다 (bhichi cheeoreul iyonghasiryeommyeon doneul naeua doemnida.) "You have to pay to use the beach chair."
Or using that word, you can say, 비치 체어에 앉아 쉬세요. (Bichi cheeoe anja swiseyo.) “Please take a sit on the beach chair and relax.)
12. 모래성 (moraeseong) “sand castle”
So here, we have the word 모래 (morae) meaning sand, and 성 (seong) meaning castle. I remember I used to make sand castle when I go to beach because I'm not good at swimming. So I prefer to do something on the beach side, not in the sea. In that case, I could say 모래성을 쌓았어요. (Moraeseongeul ssaasseoyo.) “I built a sand castle.”
13. 아이스박스 (aiseubakseu) “cooler”
아이스박스에 음료수를 넣어가자. (Aiseubakseue eumnyosureul neoeogaja.) “Let's bring drinks in the cooler.”
14. 조수 (josu) “tide”
You can say 조수 (josu) to mean tide, or like, if is for a casual situation you can also say the word, 파도 (pado) which means both tide and wave.
조수는 하루에 두 번 밀려온다. (Josuneun harue du beon millyeoonda.) “The tide flows twice a day.”
15. 선탠 (seontaen) “tan”
So in Korea, if you want to say getting a tan, make sure to say sun tan not just tan.
So using the word you can say, 선탠하기 좋은 날씨예요. (Seontaenhagi joeun nalssiyeyo.) “It's good weather to get a tan.”
16. 쪼리 (Jjori) “flip-flop”
There might be some different word to mean flip-flop, but people usually just say Jjori even though it sounds a little bit like a slang word.
So using that word you can say, 여름에는 쪼리를 신어요. (Yeoreumeneun jjorireul sineoyo.)
17. 선크림 (seonkeurim) “sunscreen”
So for example, if you want to make sure that your friend put on a sunscreen, you can say,
선크림 발랐어? (Seonkeurim ballasseo?) “Did you put on sunscreen?”
18. 비키니 (bikini) “bikini”
These days, I think more and more people wear the swimsuit with long sleeve. Covering most of their body because many people don't want to get a tan. I don't see that many people wearing bikini these days but using that word you can say, 비키니를 샀어요. (Bikinireul sasseoyo.) “I bought a bikini.”
19. 구명 조끼 (gumyeong jokki) “life vest”
구명 조끼를 입으세요. (Gumyeong jokkireul ibeuseyo.) “Please wear a life vest.”
20. 서핑 (seoping) “surfing”
You know, when you see the map you can see if 3 different seas in Korea; like, one is called West Sea which is very close to China. You don't do any surfing in that West Sea. So people usually go to the East Sea which is facing to Japan, when they want to try some surfing, I don't think there are many people actually going there, but if you want to try that you can say, 서핑하러 가자! (Seopinghareo gaja!) “Let's go surfing!”
So we just checked 20 Words You'll Need For The Beach. I hope you like some of this words and make sure to subscribe and I'll see you next time.
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