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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Top Words. In this lesson, we’ll be talking about 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let’s begin.
1. 촛불로 장식된 저녁 식사 (choppeullo jangsikdeon jeonyeok siksa) “candlelit dinner”
Yeah, I think it will be very romantic to have a candlelit dinner which I never had before. I think some restaurants can prepare that for you. I’m not sure if it is a good idea to do that at home though. I can see these days, people buy electronic candle instead of the real one and put it on the table to have a kind of “candlelit dinner” 촛불로 장식된 저녁 식사 (choppeullo jangsikdeon jeonyeok siksa).
In a sentence, we can say… 촛불로 장식된 저녁 식사는 로맨틱해요. (Choppeullo jangsikdeon jeonyeok siksaneun romaentikhaeyo.) “A candlelit dinner is romantic.”
2. 긴 산책을 하다 (gin sanchaegeul hada) “to go for a long walk”
Yeah, I think that’s a good idea especially these days because when you take a seat, people usually do something on their smartphones even though there is someone else on the other side. But when you take a long walk, I think that’s kind of a good chance to have a conversation with each other, not doing something else.
In a sentence, we can say… 사랑하는 사람과 긴 산책을 하는 건 기분 전환에 좋아요. (Saranghaneun saramgwa gin sanchaegeul haneun geon gibun jeonhwane joayo.) which means “Going for a long walk with your loved one is very refreshing.”.
3. 볼링 치러 가다 (bolling chireo gada) “to go bowling”
Even though not many people go for bowling these days, I think you can easily find some places to go bowling in some cities. I think it can be very special for a date because not many people do that and it’s not too much like comparing to other sports so I think you can try to go bowling if you’re going to do something special for your date.
In a sentence, we can say… 볼링 치러 갈래? (Bolling chireo gallae?) “Do you want to go bowling?”
4. 아쿠아리움에 가다 (akuariume gada) “to go to the aquarium”
There’s another word meaning “aquarium” which is 수족관 (sujoggwan) but aquarium sounds more like fancy, modern, comparing to 수족관 (sujoggwan). You can find some nice aquariums especially in Seoul so therefore you can try to go to some of the places for a date.
In a sentence, we can say… 아쿠아리움에 가면 물고기를 많이 볼 수 있어요. (Akuariume gamyeon mulgogireul mani bol su isseoyo.) which means “If you go to the aquarium, you can see a lot of fish.”
5. 오페라에 가다 (operae gada) “to go to the opera”
If you’re going to go to the opera, I think 예술의전당 (Yesurui Jeondang) “The Seoul Arts Center” will be the best place to go. There will be always the opera ongoing so you can go and try one of them.
In a sentence, we can say… 예술의 전당에서 공연하는 오페라에 갔어요. (Yesurui jeondangeseo gongyeonhaneun operae gasseoyo.) “I went to the opera performed at Seoul Arts Center.”
6. 동물원에 가다 (dongmurwone gada) “to go to the zoo”
There is one popular zoo or we say safari in the amusement park named Everland. If you go there like you can get on the bus and go around the zoo which we also call safari and see the lions, the tigers sleeping in the wild.
In a sentence, we can say… 사자를 보러 동물원에 갔어요. (Sajareul boreo dongmurwone gasseoyo.) “I went to the zoo to see lions.”
7. 소풍을 가다 (sopungeul gada) “to have a picnic”
These days, I heard that many people go on a picnic near the Han River. When you go to the Han River, there are parks around the river and that’s a very good place to have a picnic, especially in the summer because it’s not that hot and the scenery is great, so if you want to take a picnic I think, 한강 공원 (Han-gang Gongwon) “parks near the Han River” will be the best place to go.
소풍을 가기 위해 도시락을 쌌어요. (Sopungeul gagi wihae dosirageul ssasseoyo.) “I packed a lunch to go on a picnic.”
8. 저녁 먹고 영화 보다 (jeonyeok meokgo yeonghwa boda) “to have dinner and see a movie”
I think this is the most common thing that couples do in Korea when they have a date because there a lot of movie theatres. It’s not expensive and if you pay a little bit extra then you can have a special seat where you can sit together with your loved one on the same couch, on a same bed too.
In a sentence, we can say… 내일 저녁 먹고 영화 보자. (Naeil jeonyeok meokgo yeonghwa boja.) “Let's have dinner and see a movie tomorrow.”
9. 페리를 타다 (perireul tada) “to take a ferry ride”
If you live in Seoul, I think you definitely have to take a ferry ride in the Han River. It takes about 1 hour and you can see a lot of great scenery around the river especially for a date, I think that’s one of the best things that you can try especially in Seoul.
In a sentence, we can say… 한강에서 페리를 탈 수 있어요. (Hangangeseo perireul tal su isseoyo.) which means “You can take a ferry ride at Han River.”.
10. 해변을 걷다 (haebyeoneul geotda) “to walk on the beach”
Seoul doesn’t have any beach so if you’re going to walk on the beach in South Korea, I think you have to go to another city. One popular city is Busan which has the very popular beach called Haeundae. It’s very long. I think it will take about 15-20 minutes if you walk from the end to the other end.
In a sentence, we can say… 해변을 걷는 사람들이 많아요. (Haebyeoneul geotneun saramdeuri manayo.) which means “There are many people walking on the beach.”
Okay, that’s all 10 most romantic ideas for a date. I hope you liked some of the ideas and try it and I’ll see you on the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)