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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Jaehwi, welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. In this video, we'll be talking about 10 phrases for bad students. Let's see what we have!
1. 게으른 (geeureun) "lazy"
This is, I'm kind of becoming lazy. I’m not sure if lazy is bad.
그 애는 너무 게을러서 싫어. (Geu aeneun neomu geeulleoseo sireo.) "I don't like that guy because he is too lazy."
2. 미루다 (miruda) "procrastinate"
Although it’s kind of due, I just do something on the due date, so in that case you can say,
시험 공부를 계속 미루다. (Siheom gongbureul gyesok miruda.) which means that "I continually procrastinate preparing for the test."
3. 수업 시간에 잡담하다 (sueop sigane japdamhada) "chat in class"
수업 시간에 잡담하지 마세요.  (Sueop sigane japdamhaji maseyo.) which means "Don't chat in class."
4. 수업을 빠지다 (sueobeul ppajida) "skip class"
So in a sentence, you can say,
몸이 아파서 수업을 빠졌습니다. (Momi apaseo sueobeul ppajyeotsseumnida.) "I skipped a class because I was sick."
5. 컨닝하다 (keonninghada) "cheat on a test"
So when I was at the elementary school, like, we usually put some school bag on the desk, so that kids don't cheat on the test, and these days I heard that in a Korean classroom, they usually ask one or two parents to come in, so that they can watch kids taking a test and making sure that no one cheats on the test.
컨닝을 하다가 걸렸습니다. (Keonningeul hadaga geollyeotsseumnida.) which means that “I got caught while cheating on a test."
6. 수업에서 낙제하다 (sueobeseo nakjehada) "fail a class"
So in a sentence, you can say,
과학 수업에서 낙제했어. (Gwahak sueobeseo nakjehaesseo.) "I failed a science class."
In Korea, instead of using ABCDF, we have a system, like 수우미양가(suumiyangka). So 수(su) is something like A, which is the excellent; and 가(ka) is something like fail, so if someone get 가(ka), we just, like, F, you can say that 수업에서 낙제했어 (sueobeseo nakjehaesseo) “I failed the class”.
7. 숙제를 안 하다 (sukjereul anhada) "not do homework"
Here we have the word 숙제(sukje) meaning “homework”, so you can say
숙제 너무 피곤해서 숙제를 안 했어. (Neomu pigonhaeseo sukjereul an haesseo.) "I was so tired, so I didn't do homework."
8. 수업 시간에 자다 (sueop sigane jada) "sleep in class"
너무 피곤해서 수업 시간에 잠을 잤습니다. (Neomu pigonhaeseo sueop sigane jameul jatsseumnida.) "I slept in a class because I was so tired."
9. 표절 (pyojeol) "plagiarism"
In a sentence we can say, 이 리포트는 표절한 것 같아. (I ripoteuneun pyojeolhan geot gata.) which means "This report seems like have a lot of issues with plagiarism.”
10. 규칙을 따르지 않다 (gyuchigeul ttareuji anta) "not follow rules"
And here we have the word 규칙(gyuchig) which means “rules”, if you're talking about “law”, you can use the word 법(peop) or 법률(peoplyul), but here it's just the rules of the school, so you can say 학교 규칙(haggyo gyuchig), 규칙(gyuchig), or 학칙(hagchig) to say “school rules”. In a sentence, we can say that
규칙을 따르지 않는 학생들은 점수를 잃을 수 있습니다. (Gyuchigeul ttareuji anneun haksaengdeureun jeomsureul ireul su itsseumnida.) "If you don't follow rules, you can lose your points."
So when I was at junior high we actually had a point system at school, so if you do something right, you can get like 3 points; or if you do something wrong, like 규칙을 따르지 않다 (gyuchigeul ttareuji anta), then you could lose your point. So at the end of each semester teachers sum it up, and they just give award or punishment.
Ok, there's all 10 phrases for bad students, if you have any any phrases that you want to add in, please leave a comment below. Be sure to subscribe, and I'll see you next time.
다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다 (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida) 안녕히 계세요 (annyeonghi gyeseyo).
In 2002 when I was in high school, last year, I was preparing for the college entrance and actually was in the middle of the World Cup season, so we had a semifinal, and we we were forced to stay at school, because we have to prepare for the test, but my school was really near the downtown, so we could hear everything, people cheering, helicopters of news media. So with 300 my friends, we made a plan, and we escaped, we escaped. We just set the time and just left the school at the same time so the teachers could not catch us, so we made it.