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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. In this video, we’ll be talking about 10 New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s begin!
1. 가족과 더 많은 시간 보내기 (gajokgwa deo maneun sigan bonaegi) “Spend more time with family”
I think for Korean parents, especially this should be the most popular resolution. It’s because Korean people, we overwork a lot. I have many friends who work from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm almost every weekday. So for them, it’s not easy to spend time with family.
한국 사람들에게 인기가 많은 소원은 가족과 함께 시간 보내기입니다. (Hanguk saramdeurege ingiga maneun sowoneun gajokgwa hamkke sigan bonaegiimnida.) “The popular resolution among Korean people is spend more time with family.”
2. 건강한 식습관 가지기 (geonganghan sikseupgwan gajigi) “Eat healthy”
I want to eat healthy, not having any hamburger or too spicy food. But I don’t think it’s easy in Korea because we eat as a group, not alone. So if you want to eat healthy, you have to make the group eat healthy. So I’m not sure if I can make it, but if I have to pick one of my New Year’s Resolution, I’ll say, 건강한 식습관 가지기 (geonganghan sikseupgwan gajigi) “eat healthy”.
많은 사람들이 건강한 식습관 가지기를 새해 목표로 삼지만 이루지 못합니다. (Maneun saramdeuri geonganghan sikseupgwan gajigireul saehae mokpyoro samjiman iruji motamnida.) “Many people make eating healthy as their New Year's Resolution, but they fail.”
3. 규칙적으로 운동하기 (gyuchikjeogeuro undonghagi) “Exercise regularly”
This was my last year’s resolution which I made. I went to the gym around three times a week regularly like Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. At the gym, I usually do something like 달리기 (dalligi) “running” and 윗몸일으키기 (winmomireukigi) “sit-up”, and sometimes I often do some push-ups 팔굽혀펴기 (palgupyeopyeogi) “push-ups”.
In a sentence we can say...1월에는 많은 사람들이 규칙적으로 운동하기 위해서 체육관에 등록합니다. (Irworeneun maneun saramdeuri gyuchikjeogeuro undonghagi wihaeseo cheyukgwane deungnokamnida.) “In January, many people enroll into the gym to exercise regularly.”
4. 금연하기 (geumyeonhagi) “Quit smoking”
It’s because in Korea since 2015, you are no longer allowed to smoke inside any of the buildings. So even at the restaurant, even at the office, you’re not allowed to. So if you want to smoke, you have to go outside which would be very 불편한 (bulpyeonhan) “inconvenient”. I don’t smoke so this never has been one of my New Year’s Resolution.
In a sentence we can say...그 사람은 금연에 성공할 수 있었습니다. (Geu sarameun geumyeone seonggonghal su isseotsseumnida.) which means that, “He was able to quit smoking.”
5. 다독하기 (dadokhagi) “Read more”
In an easier Korean, you can also say 책을 많이 읽기 (chaegeul mani ilkgi) “reading a lot of books”. This might be one of my New Year’s Resolution I think, 다독하기 (dadokhagi) “read more”.
In a sentence, we can say...올해 소원은 다독하기기 때문에 서점에 갔습니다. (Olhae sowoneun dadokagigi ttaemune seojeome gatsseumnida.) “I went to the bookstore because my resolution was to read more.”
6. 새로운 거 배우기 (saeroun geo baeugi) “Learning something new”
Here, we have the word you should know which is 배우기 (baeugi) “learning”. You can say that in a sentence something like...한국어 배우기 (hangugeo baeugi) “Learning Korean”. Oh I like it because it’s not specific because it can be anything through the year like if there’s something that I want to learn more then I can just do that. That also means that I make my resolution.
In a sentence, I can say… 새로운 거 배우기가 소원이라면 무엇을 배우고 싶으세요? (Saeroun geo baeugiga sowoniramyeon mueoseul baeugo sipeuseyo?) “What do you want to learn if your New Year's Resolution is learning something new?”.
7. 소비 절약하기 (sobi jeoryakhagi) “Save money”
It really means saving to spend. 소비 (sobi) means “spending money” and 절약 (jeoryak) means “saving”. Actually, that was not my resolution last year, but I made it. I’m kind of a fan of the new devices so when something new like iPhone, iPad, laptops introduced, I was the one being in the line. I bought some, but not as many as I did in 2 years ago. I could see the result in my banknote.
In a sentence, we can say...새로운 물건을 덜 사서 소비 절약하기를 이룰 수 있었습니다. (Saeroun mulgeoneul deol saseo sobi jeoryakagireul irul su isseotsseumnida.) which means “I was able to save money by buying less things.”.
8. 절주하기 (jeoljuhagi) “Drink less”
절주하기 (jeoljuhagi) was one of my keys to make my New Year’s Resolution, 절약하기 (jeoryakhagi) which was “saving money”.
So I can say… 소비 절약하기로 절주하기를 이루어 냈습니다 (Sobi jeoryakagiro jeoljuhagireul irueo naetsseumnida.) which means that “I was able to save money by drinking less.”
9. 체중 감량하기 (chejung gamnyanghagi) “Lose weight”
Yeah, that has been my every year’s New Year’s Resolution, but I haven’t made it at all.
In a sentence, we can say...새해 목표가 체중 감량하기기 때문에 김치찌개를 그만 먹기 시작했습니다. (Saehae mokpyoga chejung gamnyanghagigi ttaemune gimchijjigaereul geuman meokgi sijakaetsseumnida.) which means that “I stopped eating kimchi soup because my New Year's Resolution was to lose weight.”.
10. KoreanClass101.com으로 한국어 공부하기 (koriankeullaeseuwonowondatkeomeuro hangugeo gongbuhagi ) “Studying Korean with KoreanClass101.com”
So stop by KoreanClass101.com if you want to study Korean more in this New Year.
KoreanClass101.com으로 한국어 공부하기를 여러분의 새해 목표로 추천합니다. (Koriankeullaeseuwonowondatkeomeuro hangugeo gongbuhagireul yeoreobunui saehae mokpyoro chucheonhamnida.) “I recommend studying Korean with KoreanClass101.com as your New Year's Resolution.”
Okay that’s all 10 New Year’s Resolutions in Korean. What is your New Year’s Resolution? Please leave us a comment in Korean. Make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next time. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)