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Lesson Transcript


Keith: Hello, and welcome back to the KoreanClass101.com, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Korean! And I'm joined in the studio by...
Misun: Hello everyone. Misun's here.
Keith: In this lesson, Misun, what are we going to learn about?
Misun: Movie genre.
Keith: Okay, and this conversation takes place where?
Misun: At a movie theater.
Keith: And the conversation is between?
Misun: 영진과 은수
Keith: Okay, and they're friends, so they'll be speaking informal Korean.
Misun: 반말입니다.
Keith : Okay, basic and premium members…
Misun: If you have a 3G phone…
Keith: You can see the Lesson Notes in your favorite browser on your phone!
Misun: Stop by KoreanClass101.com to find out more.
Keith: Alright, let's listen to the conversation.

Lesson conversation

영진: 무슨 영화 볼까?
은주: 흠... 액션 영화 볼까?
영진: 에이... 서스펜스 영화 볼까?
은주: 아니... 만화 영화는?
영진: 로맨틱 코미디 볼까?
은주: 또?!
English Host: One more time with the English.
영진: 무슨 영화 볼까?
Keith: What kind of movie should we watch?
은주: 흠... 액션 영화 볼까?
Keith: Hmm... should we watch an action movie?
영진: 에이... 서스펜스 영화 볼까?
Keith: Hmm... should we watch a suspense movie?
은주: 아니... 만화 영화는?
Keith: No... should we watch an animation movie?
영진: 로맨틱 코미디 볼까?
Keith: Should we watch a romantic comedy?
은주: 또?!
Keith: Again?!
Keith: Misun, let's talk about watching a movie in Korea.
Misun: Okay! 좋아요.
Keith: Well, watching movies in Korea is a little different than what I'm used to here in America.
Misun: Really? Why's that?
Keith: Well, usually when I go to the movies in America, I just sit anywhere I want to.
Misun: Oh right! In Korea, when you go to movies, you have to sit in the assignment seat, right?
Keith: Right, so when you're buying the tickets, there's usually a chart with all the seats in the theater, and you pick where you want to sit. Kind of like when you go to a Broadway show or something and you have to pick your seats. That's the same thing for movie theaters.
Misun: 네 맞아요. So the earlier you buy the tickets, the first you will pick your seats.
Keith: Right. So many times, you know, I went late sometimes to the movie theaters and I wasn't able to sit where I wanted to sit.
Misun: Yeah. And if there's a new movie out that everyone wants to see, then sometimes, you'll have to sit by yourself, even if you're with your friends.
Keith: Yeah. So if you're going to the movies in Korea, be sure to go as early as possible to buy tickets. Otherwise, you might not get the seats you want!
Keith: Alright, well, let's take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson.
Misun: Okay 영화 [natural native speed]
Keith: Movie
Misun: 영화 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 영화 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next:
Misun: 액션 [natural native speed]
Keith: action
Misun: 액션 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 액션 [natural native speed]
Keith: After that:
Misun: 서스펜스 [natural native speed]
Keith: Suspense
Misun: 서스펜스 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 서스펜스 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next:
Misun: 만화 [natural native speed]
Keith: Animation, cartoon
Misun: 만화 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 만화 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next:
Misun: 로맨틱 코미디 [natural native speed]
Keith: Romantic comedy
Misun: 로맨틱 코미디 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 로맨틱 코미디 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next:
Misun: 보다 [natural native speed]
Keith: To see, to look at, to watch
Misun: 보다 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 보다 [natural native speed]
Keith: And finally:
Misun: 또 [natural native speed]
Keith: Again
Misun: 또 [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Misun: 또 [natural native speed]
Keith: Alright. Well, let's have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson.
Misun: The first word we’ll look at is보다.
Keith: To see, to watch, to look at.
Misun: 보/다. 보다.
Keith: And the reason we're taking a look at this word is because it can be used in many different situations.
Misun: 네 맞아요, 영어에는, in English, there's a lot of different translations for this word, but in Korean, there's only 1 word, 보다.
Keith: That's right. In English, we watch TV, or we look at the sky, or we see a celebrity. But in Korean, it's all just one word.
Misun: Right. Why is that? 보다.
Keith: Okay, next we're going to take a look at all of the movie genres. Can we review which ones came out in the vocab section?
Misun: 좋아요. There was 액션, 서스팬스, 만화, and 로맨틱 코미디.
Keith: Right, those are pretty much the English words, just with the Korean pronunciation.
Misun: 네. A lot of genres are the Korean versions of English words.
Keith: So, when I'm talking about movies, books or anything else, it's pretty easy to talk about movie genres. But Misun, are there any Korean versions of these words?
Misun: Well, right now, I can come up with only horror movie. It's called 공포영화.
Keith: Okay 공포영화 but if you said 호러?
Misun: Uh-huh, you know, a lot of like young generation also say 호러영화 or horror movie.
Keith: Yeah, so you can still understand the English word.
Misun: Right.
Keith: But aside from that, there are many other Korean words for, let's say, action or suspense.
Misun: Well…
Keith: In terms of movie genres and books.
Misun: Well, action movie, action영화, we don't really have a Korean word. We do?
Keith: No, I don't think so.
Misun: Not that I know of, right?
Keith: Well, I mean, I guess that's enough information.
Misun: Right.
Keith: If Misun doesn't know, then I'm sure our listeners don't have to know, right?
Misun: Right.
Keith: Well, let's take a look at the grammar for this lesson.
Misun: Okay.

Lesson focus

Misun: The focus of this lesson is -ㄹ(을)까
Keith: Shall we? or Should we?
Misun: More specifically we'll take a look at 볼까?
Keith: And specifically, that's "shall we see?" or "shall we watch?"
Misun: So this construction -ㄹ(을)까, is used for making suggestions.
Keith: Yup, that's why we translate this "as should we" or "shall we?" But at this level, we don't want to focus on the construction.
Misun: But if you're interested in how to construct this, you can check the lesson notes.
Keith: Right. But in this lesson, we want to show you how to use it.
Misun: If you're making any suggestions, this is what you use.
Keith: Yeah, you can use this with most verbs to suggest something. So if for example you want to suggest leaving, you can say...
Misun: 갈까?
Keith: And that's from the verb 가다 which means "to go". How about if we're hungry and, you know, we want to say "shall we eat?"
Misun: 먹을까?
Keith: Okay, and that comes from the verb 먹다 "to eat". And let's use the verb, 하다, "to do".
Misun: 할까?
Keith: Okay, and that's suggesting "shall we do something". Alright, well, in this lesson, the verb that was used was 보다. To see, to watch, or to look at.
Misun: 네, 맞아요. You can use this with your friends!
Keith: Right. Just like in the dialog, you can suggest seeing a movie.
Misun: 영화 볼까?
Keith: And if you want to use formal Korean, you can just add 요 at the end.
Misun: 영화 볼까요?
Keith: Great! Misun, can we have two more examples?
Misun: 좋아요! Keith, 우리 밥 먹을까요?
Keith: 네. Let's eat!
Misun: Yeah, you buy it. Okay, another one. 우리 영화 볼까요?
Keith: A movie? Sure! That sounds like a date. Dinner and a movie, right?
Misun: Right. I wish I could have a date. But here, you know, Keith, he's really famous, so I cannot really take him.
Keith: I'm not that famous.
Misun: No, you are. What are you talking about?
Keith: Alright, well that just about does it for today.


Keith: Testing yourself is one of the most effective ways to learn.
Misun: That's why we have three types of quizzes.
Keith: Vocabulary, grammar, and content specific.
Misun: Each quiz targets specific skill.
Keith: And together, these quizzes will help you master several fundamental skills.
Misun: Uh-hmm, you can find them in the Learning Center at…
Keith: …KoreanClass101.com. Alright, thanks, everyone. Bye!
Misun: Okay 안녕히 계세요.


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