Want to sound more like a Korean native? Improve your Korean pronunciation with these lessons!
Absolute Beginner



In this 5-lesson series, you will learn the very basics of Korean pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to master Korean pronunciation!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 Lesson #1: Comparing English and Korean Consonants Korean Consonants Learning how to pronounce Korean Consonants Consonant sounds in Korean and how they are pronounced and how they compare to English
#2 Lesson #2: These Korean Sounds Might Be Difficult For English Speakers To Distinguish Korean Difficult Sounds Distinguish between difficult Korean sounds 5 pairs of the most difficult to distinguish sounds
#3 Lesson #3: Combination Sounds in Korean Korean Combination Sounds Learning about combining sounds 3 top combination sounds that are pronounced differently than they look
#4 Lesson #4: Korean Vowel Sounds You Won't Find in English Korean Vowels Learning about vowels in Korean 3 vowel sounds that are not found in English
#5 Lesson #5: Tips to Make Your Korean Sound More Natural Pronunciation Tips Learning to sound natural in Korean 3 liaisons and tensing rules that can make your
pronunciation sound much more natural