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Learn all about the society and culture of South Korea.
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All About

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Korea. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Korean language and in-depth information about the places it is spoken.

ALL ABOUT Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 Introduction Lesson: Korean Talking about Korea and the Korean language Background of the Korean Language, About Korea, Where Is Korean Spoken? Korean Writing
#2 Korean Writing System Understanding the Korean Writing System The Korean writing system and alphabet
#3 Basic Korean Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Korean Grammar Basic Korean Grammar, Gender, Articles, Plurals of Nouns, The Plural Definite Article, Pronouns, Conjugation, Unique Aspect of Language, Adjectives
#4 Basic Korean Pronunciation Understanding the characteristics of Korean Pronunciation Korean Vowels and Consonants, Consonant Groups, Korean's Sound that are Different from Other Languages
#5 Top 5 Must Know Korean Phrases Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Korean 1. 안녕하세요/안녕히 가세요/안녕히 계세요.
2. 저기요
3. 괜찮아요.
4. 죄송합니다.
5. 감사합니다.
#6 All About Quiz – All About Korea Testing yourself on Korea 5 quiz questions testing your knowledge on Korea
#7 Top 5 Korean Foods Talking about famous Korean dishes Korean cuisine: typical dishes, regional dishes, seasonal dishes, table etiquette
#8 All About Korean Society Talking about daily life and society in Korea Life in Korea: Major Cities and How they Work, Family Life, Work, Culture, and Economy, Politics, Generational Trends
#9 Top 5 Korean Holidays Talking about important holidays Important Korean Holidays: Parent's Day, Christmas Eve, Chuseok, New Years's Day, Lunar New Year's Day
#10 Korean Pop Culture Talking about Korean pop culture Pop Culture in Korea: Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Sports Figures
#11 Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Korean Using the top 5 tools to help you learn Korean Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Korean:
1. English-Korean Dictionary
2. Lang-8
3. Hanlingo
5. Youtube
#12 Top 5 Don'ts When Using Korean Avoiding the top 5 mistakes when learning Korean Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes in Korean:
1. Don't speak using the intimate politeness level without consent from the other person.
2. Don't use the word, "Ya" to mean yes when speaking in Korean. It means "Hey, you!" and is
used in a very casual manner. You can say 'Ne' or 'Ye' to say 'yes' politely.
3. Don't call people only by their first names unless you are close friends or acquaintances.
Be sure to add -ssi at the end of the person's name.
4. Don't literally translate sentences into Korean. For example, "Juseyo." does NOT always
mean "Please." - It means "Please give me."
5. Don't say "I" or "jeo-neun" all the time in Korean. While it is not entirely wrong to use it,
native Korean speakers often omit the subject when they speak.
#13 Top 5 Phrases You Won't Learn in the Korean Classroom Using Korean phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You:
1. 짱이야!
2. 장난 아니다!
3. 안습이다!
4. 강추 or 강추야!
5. 뻥이야!
#14 Top 5 Phrases You Will Hear in a Korean Classroom Using useful Korean phrases in the classroom 5 Useful Phrases for the Classroom in Korean:
1. "Please listen and repeat." - 듣고 따라해 보세요 (Deutgo ttarahae boseyo)
2. "Please answer me." - 대답해 보세요 (Daedaphae boseyo)
3. "Do you have a question?" - 질문 있어요? (Jilmun itseoyo)
4. "Please say it." - 말해 보세요 (Malhae boseyo)
5. "Please read it." - 읽어 보세요 (Ilgeo boseyo)
#15 Top 5 Favorite Phrases from Your KoreanClass101 Hosts Using the hosts' favorite Korean phrases KoreanPod101's Favorite Phrases in Korean:
1. 당연하지 (Dang-yeon-haji) - "Of course"
2. 천만에요 (Cheon-man-e-yo) - "You're (very) welcome."
3. 잘 먹겠습니다 (Jal meok-get-seumnida) - "Thanks for this meal."
4. 방가 방가 (Bang-ga bang-ga) - "Hello Hello"
5. 화이팅 (Hwaiting) - "Good luck. Keep it up. Keep up the good work."