Top 10 Korean Historical Figures

10 Lessons • 58 Minutes
King Sejong the Great, Yulgok Yi Yi, Toegae Yi-Hwang, and more.
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Learn about a Great Korean Ruler and Role Model
Learn the accomplishments of the Korean king who developed the Korean alphabet
6 Minutes • Audio
Do You Know Who Korean General Yi Sunshin Is?
Learn about the brilliant strategy and noble beliefs of a Korean military hero
5 Minutes • Audio
It's Time to Celebrate Mothers in Korea
Learn about an important Korean female role model, Shin Saimdang
6 Minutes • Audio
Here's Your Opportunity to Learn from a Revered Korean Scholar
Learn about Yulgok Yi Yi, who happens to be the son of the subject of our last Korean Audio Blog
5 Minutes • Audio
The Life and Teachings of Toegae Yi- Hwang
Learn all about the famous Korean scholar Toegye Yi Hwang, his views and teachings, educational theories, and lifestyle
6 Minutes • Audio
The Einstein of Korea - Jang Yeong Sil
Learn all about the famous Korean scientist Jang Yeong Sil, who is known as the Einstein of Korea
6 Minutes • Audio
The Royal Physician of the Joseon Era - Heo Jun
Learn about the life and contributions of Heo Jun, a royal doctor with a stellar reputation in Korea
4 Minutes • Audio
Famous Korean Artist Kim Hong-do
Learn about an influential and important Korean artist
4 Minutes • Audio
Korea’s Leading Politician and Economist - Jeong, Yak Yong
Learn about the renowned Korean economist and politician Jeong Yak-yong
6 Minutes • Audio
The Fool of the Century, Cardinal Kim Su-Hwan
Learn how to explain some useful reasoning from the self-titled Korean "fool of the century"
5 Minutes • Audio