Top 10 Korean Foods

10 Lessons • 35 Minutes
Tteokbokki, Fried Chicken, Gimbap, and more.
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Top 10 Korean Foods: Tteokbokki
Learn about the Korean dish tteokbooki, which is very popular in Korea
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Samgyetang
Learn about the Korean food samgyetang
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Fried Chicken vs. Pork Hocks
Learn about two popular late-night snacks among Korean foods, tong-dak and jok bal
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Guksu
Learn about the Korean food guksu
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Tteokguk
Learn about the Korean food ddeokguk
2 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Miyeokgukup
Learn about the Korean food miyeokguk
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Makgeolli and Pajeon
Learn about the Korean liquor makgeolli and food pajeon
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Gimbap
Learn about the Korean food gimbap
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Songpyeon
Learn about the Korean food songpyeon
3 Minutes • Audio
Top 10 Korean Foods: Kimchi
Learn about one of the most popular dishes in Korea: kimchi
4 Minutes • Audio