The Ultimate Guide for Brand New Korean Learners

13 Lessons • 2 Hours, 14 Minutes
Learn the alphabet and how to read with these lessons!
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Introduction to Korean
Learn about the reasons why you should learn Korean
5 Minutes • Video
Basic Korean Grammar
Learn some simple tricks to learn Korean grammar
8 Minutes • Audio
Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Korean
Learn the top five tools for learning the language
6 Minutes • Audio
Introduction to Korean Writing
Learn a little about how to write
5 Minutes • Video
Korean Self Introduction and Basic Greetings
Learn how to say many common phrases in Korean that people use every day to introduce themselves
13 Minutes • Audio
Basic Korean Sentence Structure
Learn all about word order
11 Minutes • Audio
The Topic Marking Particles Eun and Neun
Learn how to use the topic marking particles 는 (neun) and 은 (eun)
18 Minutes • Audio
The Subject Marking Particles I and Ga
Learn how to use the subject marking particles il and ga, and the difference between topic marking particles and subject marking particles
22 Minutes • Audio
The Object Marking Particles Eul and Reul
Learn how to use the object marking particles 을 (eul) and 를 (reul)
17 Minutes • Audio
The Sentence Ending Particles
Learn how to use the sentence ending particles 다 (da), ㅂ니다 (bnida) and 요 (yo)
15 Minutes • Audio
Dropping particles
Learn why Koreans drop particles
1 Minute • Video
Ipnida or imnida?
Learn why ipnida sounds like imnida?
2 Minutes • Video
Introduction to Korean Pronunciation
Learn a little about Korean pronunciation
5 Minutes • Video