Making an Appointment in Korean

10 Lessons • 1 Hour, 50 Minutes
Dentists, doctors, business contacts. Appointments are a necessity of modern life!
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Inviting someone
Learn how to invite someone somewhere
4 Minutes • Audio
Arriving for an Appointment
Learn how to explain who you are meeting and the time of your appointment when you have a business meeting
12 Minutes • Audio
Accepting an Invitation
Learn how to accept an invitation from a coworker
12 Minutes • Audio
Declining an Invitation
Learn how to turn down an invitation from your boss politely
13 Minutes • Audio
There Might Be a Meeting.
Learn how to describe what might happen in the future
11 Minutes • Audio
If Only the Price Were Right in Korea!
Learn how to say "only" and "just"
14 Minutes • Audio
Making A Good First Impression In A Korean Business Meeting
Learn Korean the Korean phrases you need to say when greeting someone at a first business meeting
16 Minutes • Audio
Reporting Back to Your Korean Manager
Learn the Korean grammatical tips that you need to know when reporting at a company
18 Minutes • Audio
Scheduling a Checkup in Korean
Listen to a conversation about scheduling a health checkup
3 Minutes • Video
Reserving a Room in Korean
Listen to a conversation about reserving a hotel room
2 Minutes • Video