15 Lessons • 2 Hours, 49 Minutes
With this core path, learn words, phrases and grammar you need for talking about health issues.
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I'm Hungry
Learn about saying you're hungry, saying you're full, and using the adverb, "many"
12 Minutes • Audio
What Time Is It?
Learn about asking the time and telling time
11 Minutes • Audio
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Learn about asking for things and waking up in a stranger's house
13 Minutes • Audio
Be Careful! The Korean Food We Serve Here is HOT!
Learn how to say "be careful, it's hot,"
12 Minutes • Audio
Can't Go On Much Further; Must Have Korean Food!
Learn how to say "I'm hungry"
10 Minutes • Audio
Make Sure Everybody Gets “Whatever” They Want in Korea!
Learn how to say "shall I give you" and "give me"
12 Minutes • Audio
I Love Learning Korean Too!
Learn the Korean words that mean "also" and "too"
15 Minutes • Audio
Explaining Allergies in Korean
Learn how to explain allergies
6 Minutes • Audio
You Don’t Have to Be So Mean in Korea!
Learn how to say something hurts or something is bad
11 Minutes • Audio
Please Tell Me You're Feeling All Right in Korean
Learn how to ask whether someone is feeling well
14 Minutes • Audio
Tell Me Where It Hurts In Korean
Learn how to say the body parts where you're experiencing pain
13 Minutes • Audio
Because Of You, I Love Korean
Learn how to use "because" to indicate a reason or a cause
14 Minutes • Audio
All Parts of the Body
Learn the words for parts of the body
2 Minutes • Video
Learn How to Get More of What You Want in Korea!
Learn how to say "more"
10 Minutes • Audio
Commonly Used Medicine and Drugs
Learn about medicines that are common in South Korea
6 Minutes • Audio