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Top 30 Travel Phrases You Should Know
30 words
Word Image
Top 30 Travel Phrases You Should Know
30 words
Thank you!
thank you, but
How much is this?
Igeo ibeobwado dwaeyo?
이거 입어봐도 돼요?
Can I try this on?
Yeongeo hal jjul aseyo?
영어 할 줄 아세요?
Do you speak English?
Mul juseyo.
물 주세요.
Water, please.
Geumyeonsillo chajabwa jusil su innayo?
금연실로 찾아봐 주실 수 있나요?
Could you find me a non-smoking room?
An majayo.
안 맞아요.
It doesn't fit.
Igeo yeol gae juseyo.
이거 10개 주세요.
I'd like ten of these.
Chucheonhae jusigesseoyo?
추천해 주시겠어요?
Do you have any recommendations?
Igeoro halgeyo.
이거로 할게요.
I'd like this.
Oneul bin bang innayo?
오늘 빈 방 있나요?
Do you have any vacancies tonight?
Dareun bangeuro omgil su isseulkkayo?
다른 방으로 옮길 수 있을까요?
Could I move to a different room?
Yeyak haesseoyo.
예약 했어요.
I have a reservation.
Gonghangeseo dosiro ganeun beoseuga innayo?
공항에서 도시로 가는 버스가 있나요?
Is there a bus from the airport to the city?
Gonghangeuro ganeun beoseu majayo?
공항으로 가는 버스 맞아요?
Is this the right bus for the airport?
Gyesanseo juseyo.
계산서 주세요.
Could I have the check?
Jeogiyo. Yogeumi eolmayeyo?
저기요. 요금이 얼마예요?
Excuse me, what's the fare?
Sajin jom jjigeo jusillaeyo?
사진 좀 찍어 주실래요?
Could you take a picture of me please?
Waipai inteoneseun muryoingayo?
와이파이 인터넷은 무료인가요?
Is the Wi-Fi free?
Harinhae jusil su isseoyo?
할인해 주실 수 있어요?
Could you give me a discount?
Chaesik menyu isseoyo?
채식 메뉴 있어요?
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
Geumnyeonseogeuro juseyo.
금연석으로 주세요.
I’d like to have a non-smoking seat, please.
Ttangkong alleojiga isseoyo.
땅콩 알러지가 있어요.
I'm allergic to peanuts.
Gichayeogi eodiyeyo?
기차역이 어디예요?
Where is the train station?
Eotteon ginyeompumeul chucheonhaseyo?
어떤 기념품을 추천하세요?
What do you recommend for a souvenir?