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Top 15 Compliments You Always Want to Hear
15 words
Word Image
Top 15 Compliments You Always Want to Hear
15 words
You're handsome.
Great job!
Iryeokseoga insangjeogineyo.
이력서가 인상적이네요.
Your resume is impressive.
Naemyeoni oemyeonboda deo areumdamneyo.
내면이 외면보다 더 아름답네요.
Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.
Naega deo naeun sarami doego sipge mandeureoyo.
내가 더 나은 사람이 되고 싶게 만들어요.
You make me want to be a better person.
Jaekisi jal eoullyeoyo.
재킷이 잘 어울려요.
That jacket looks nice on you.
Himdeun peurojekteuyeonneunde seonggwaga gidae isangieyo.
힘든 프로젝트였는데 성과가 기대 이상이에요.
I know that it was a tough project, but your performance exceeded my expectations.
Meoriga jonneyo.
머리가 좋네요.
You're smart!
Neon meotjin chinguya.
넌 멋진 친구야.
You are an awesome friend.
Yumeo gamgagi jonneyo.
유머 감각이 좋네요.
You have a great sense of humor.
Unneun eolguri areumdawoyo.
웃는 얼굴이 아름다워요.
Your smile is beautiful.
Nega hae jun yorireul joahae.
네가 해 준 요리를 좋아해.
I love your cooking.
Anmogi inneyo.
안목이 있네요.
You have good taste.
You look gorgeous.
Malsomssiga jonneyo.
말솜씨가 좋네요.
You have a way with words.